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Rainbow Report on Progress

Are we making progress on marriage, fighting HIV, reducing discrimination, in the armed forces? Doug Pollard’s guests Air Commodore Tracy Smart, AMEs Carl Katter, AFAOs Rob Lake & OII Aus’s Gina Wilson tonight.

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Freshly Doug Tuesday

Puritans winning everywhere: Australia, UK, Uganda, Libya. Just a few rays of light in a dark time.


How to get gay-marriage back on track

Let’s start with a simple fact: the Australian gay-marriage campaign has lost this round.  Marriage, for the rainbow community, isn’t legal (with the exception of transgendered individuals with opposite sex…


Different Strokes For Gay Folks

In April 2012 Jim Hyde had a stroke which left him with speech and walking difficulties and general left side disability. As a former senior health official he thought his questions would be taken seriously and given serious answers. Reality was different.


Freshly Doug Monday

David Cameron stands firm for marriage, Jewish abuse stories come to light, Martina comes to town, and soccer gets on with tackling homophobia

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Discrimination Fail: Intersex

The inclusion of Intersex has been uncontroversial in Tasmania legislation, says OII, so why it would be so in federal legislation?

Rockbadger (Paul Huxley)

Sister Mary Jane Has Her Doubts

Sister Mary Jane waxes cynical over the government’s planned reforms to anti-discrimination law.

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Stop The Boats

Continuing to repeat the same actions and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity.


Freshly Doug Weekender

23rd Nov 1992 Australia lets gays & lesbians serve openly in the armed forces – UK 200, USA 2012. Well done Aussies! And other morsels from around the rest of the world.

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Freshly Doug Thursday

First up today, a short farewell. Before there was the stirrer, there was a blog called Current Affairs, but I’m about to close that down. For a nostalgic look back,…