The smell of woodsmoke

Is someone living in Deadman’s Gully?

You’ve got to have hope

“The election result is a shocker. No two ways about it. I spent a day numb, in shock, sick to my stomach. But we have to go on. No doubt…

Une Nouvelle Dame

Look forwards, not back. Celebrate living humans, not dead gods and corrupt, decaying religious institutions. Create new glories: the old ones are gone.

Say Hello to Dementia

Looking over an old blog, I found some posts I made during a visit to London. This was after my father had died, while Mum was still living at home,…

The Sporting Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Male team sport has slowly, painfully, begun to address sexism and homophobia in sport without, I would argue, addressing the core issue: the endemic homosexuality of male team sport.

Yielding To Temptation

Star rugby player Israel Folau has again burst forth with his religious fervour: but not just online. A report in today’s SMH fills out the background to rugby’s troublesome Christian…

Justice Is Served

It doesn’t matter what they got him for, what matters is, they got him.

Travelling With Veggies

Queens of the road…

Fight Not Flannel

‘Conversion therapy’ must be criminalised From reading the press, and posts on Facebook, I was alerted to an apparent contradiction between the attitude of Australian Equality towards Victorian Labor’s proposals…

Selling Up & Moving On

Selling my lovely home and moving on.