I’m pro-Israel, but . . .

Andy Schmulow asks us to look past the angry Muslim protests over ‘that film’ and see the bigger picture emerging in the Arab world.

Getting back into the fight

Daniel Witthaus says if we want marriage equality we’re going to have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get back into the struggle.

The Tire Zoo

Monday Marriage Blues

Right now it feels as if marriage equality in Australia is lost for the foreseeable future. But we must not lose heart. We must fight to put the issue back…

Ronn Tan

Happy Families

There’s no need to get ‘political, all you have to do is be out and proud, for your kids sake, says gay dad Rodney Chiang-Cruise.

Freshly Doug Weekender

Australian Christian Lobby v The Evil One (us) From the ABC’s Lateline: BEN MCLEAN: The chairman of the ACL board Tony McLellan says Australia is in the midst of a…


Watch out for the invasion of the superducks!! Coming your way shortly after Cory Bernardi marries a mallard and Jim Wallace steps out with a Mandarin.  

Mike Gifford

Rainbow Apathy

We’re an apathetic lot, it seems. Aussies, that is – but especially LGBTI folk. “It’s not that we don’t care, it’s just that we seldom care to do anything about it. That’s why we have Julia Gillard for a Prime Minister, Tony Abbott for an opposition leader, and Alan Jones still on air!”

Freshly Doug Thursday

The Rainbow Reporter returns to the airwaves, Christian Bishop says God is not a Christian, Kevin Andrews has written a book, and NFL player says who gives a ff if half the team is gay so long as we win the Superbowl.

Return of the Rainbow Report

Neil Gaughan, National Manager AFP High Tech Crime Operations and Simon Hackett, the founder of Internode, join the Rainbow Reporter to discuss Big Data and the threat to your privacy, with James Newburrie and Rob Mitchell, 7pm AEST.

Freshly Doug Wednesday

Wednesday’s collection of the mad, bad and dangerous to know gay news and views from around the world, from your Rainbow Reporter, back on air Joy 94.9 tomorrow 12 noon and 7pm. Did you know women drivers cause homosexuality?