Freshly Doug For National Coming Out Day

Items Freshly Doug from the worlkd’s LGBTIQ news, good and bad, with a dose of robust anti-clericalism for good measure. And a nice gesture by Guy Sebastian.

Rainbow Report AFL Thu 11 Oct 2012

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Not Your Mother

Miles Heffernan tackles the conundrum of how you measure the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS education, in the light of the Queensland government’s defunding of the local AIDS body, Queensland Association for Healthy Communities. Find Miles on Twitter @Mileshef

Catching the TAXI

The TAXI-KAB Study, designed to measure the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs (KAB) of gay men in Australia when they Think About eXposure to Infection (TAXI) to HIV, gives us clear pointers to the coming changes in HIV prevention strategy. But are they necessary and worthwhile changes?

Adrian Korte

Freshly Doug Wednesday

All hail our straight allies; the power of personal contact with pollies; women beware gay men hunting eggs; Russian law doesn’t ban Prides; Joburg Pride attacked – by lesbians; and a new Magna Carta for minorities, in todays Freshly Doug treasures from around the world.

Christina Rutz

Freshly Doug Tuesday

Womanless reproduction for gay dads, more slippery slopes, single issue politicians and a holy hit list are all on today’s round-up.

Matt Wengerd

Why I Stir

Stirrer-in-Chief, Doug Pollard explains to us why it’s important to take action and why the words “never again” should have a special meaning to the LGBT community.

Sister 72

Bare Reality Facing HIV Organisations

In Part One of a three-part series looking at the challenges in HIV prevention, Miles Heffernan (@MilesHef) looks at the dilemma HIV prevention organisations face, when effective measures may not be politically palatable.

I’m pro-Israel, but . . .

Andy Schmulow asks us to look past the angry Muslim protests over ‘that film’ and see the bigger picture emerging in the Arab world.

Getting back into the fight

Daniel Witthaus says if we want marriage equality we’re going to have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get back into the struggle.