Freshly Doug Wednesday

Wednesday’s collection of the mad, bad and dangerous to know gay news and views from around the world, from your Rainbow Reporter, back on air Joy 94.9 tomorrow 12 noon and 7pm. Did you know women drivers cause homosexuality?

Freshly Doug Tuesday

Your Rainbow Reporter, pursuing true journalistic balance with Alan Jones’ Suspenders, ‘contracepting’ women turning men gay, as the Vatican tries to stymie an abuse enquiry, and fears over new HIV prevention strategy.

Soccer Pride

Melbourne Rovers have a group of men and women travelling north to play Sydney Rangers and Flying Bats SC at Pride Football Australia. They are playing for the Justin Fashanu…

Marriage Equality Videos 2

Aryeora Lewis shares some of her favourite equal marriage videos from Spain, Canada, Protugal and Argentina

Freshly Doug Monday

A daily digest of news from around the world from your veteran Rainbow Reporter.

Eva Rinaldi

Alan Jones

Alan Jones goes too far. Stirrer-in-chief Doug Pollard says kick him where it hurts repeatedly. In the moneybags.


Marriage Equality Videos from Around the World 1

Some amazing Marriage Equality videos from around the world. Some are witty, some are moving, all send a powerful message. Let us know of any more YOU love!


Akermanis. Akerman. Rod Swift wonders whether the Australian lexicon could do with a new synonym for ‘idiotic, loud-mouthed, and just plain wrong’ — an ‘Aker’.

Sounds Familiar

The Pope has once again attempted to paint gays and lesbians as less than fully human, and a threat to the whole of society. It all sounds disturbingly familiar.

Vernon Swanepoel

Freshly Doug on Friday

Tasmanian Marriage sunk or only listing? Fed MP votes against 73% of her electorate. UK Labor makes pro-equality vote compulsory. Twitter is homophobe heaven. And more, on the last news roundup of the week.