Lars Thomsen

Meth & HIV: Another Brick In the Stigma Wall

In this final part of The Stirrer investigation, two eminent experts help explore the crystal meth problem: Dr Rebecca McKetin from the Centre for Research on Ageing, Health and Wellbeing at ANU; and Dr Chad Bousman from the Department of Psychiatry from Melbourne University.

Marc Love

Marrying For Money

No two ways about it, we lost two major battles for equal marriage, state and federal. But the war goes on. What we need now is to take a leaf out of our US cousins playbook and start building a warchest.

William Murphy

Freshly Doug Tuesday

An English luvvie seeks love unending, priests being free with the truth and trying to get free of jail, how to write an anti-straight tract complete with scientific ‘proof’: all Freshly Doug for you on Tuesday.

NASA Goddard

Freshly Doug Monday

A supersonic parachute into sponsorship heaven, rainbows in Russian milk while NSW government teats dry up, and real fascism ignored while we are painted in Nazi colours. Welcome to another week.

Mark Pegrum

What now for marriage equality?

Opponents of marriage equality think is the debate is over, but they haven’t counted on grassroots support for the issue in suburban and regional Australia.

Int Cnetre for Tropical Agriculture

Ethical Eggs

Altruistic egg donation comes with some awkward moral issues, especially when GLBTI and religion are in the mix.

Dragoncastle Gay Asia

Freshly Doug Weekender

The Australian Christaliban Lobby, Bill Meuhlenberg and the other local subsidiaries of US evangelical multinational corporations have been spruiking the so-called ‘Regnerus Study’, claiming it proves that straight parenting is…

Freshly Doug For National Coming Out Day

Items Freshly Doug from the worlkd’s LGBTIQ news, good and bad, with a dose of robust anti-clericalism for good measure. And a nice gesture by Guy Sebastian.

Rainbow Report AFL Thu 11 Oct 2012

What’s on tonight on The Rainbow Report? Click through for all the details. And listen to the podcast here

Not Your Mother

Miles Heffernan tackles the conundrum of how you measure the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS education, in the light of the Queensland government’s defunding of the local AIDS body, Queensland Association for Healthy Communities. Find Miles on Twitter @Mileshef