Out & About For Equality

The campaign for equality will be won in the small places

Subway: Marry Fresh!

Outside the big cities, local people and local businesses are getting on board the Equal Marriage train.


Same Sex Marriage Celebrant Steve Wright (he’s on Facebook, too) has been busy around Cranbourne, Cranbourne North, and Lyndhurst areas.  He’s persuaded lots of local places to display Enrol Now leaflets and hand out We Are All Equal badges: three Subway stores, two cafes, a Smokemart, a Bendigo Bank and a doctors surgery!


There’s Queenly love in Albury, too, with Betty Windsor in a bottle!


Betty Windsor and Sons Coffee Emporium, Albury, with owner Jarrod Lehman and Toni Johnson


Local people are getting creative with their support. No place to fly a rainbow flag? Then why not Drag your Mailbox? The posties round will never be so colourful again.


Loads of political people have been out and about distributing leaflets in this cold wet weather, including Fiona Patten of the Used-To-Be-Sex- But-Now-It’s-Reason Party, troops of trade union, and Labor and Green Party members.


And of course the indomitable Sharyn Faulkner and the stalwarts of the Surf Coast for Equality brigade, as well as scores of others in places as far afield as Shepparton..


Goulburn Valley Pride will be flying the rainbow flags at Shepparton Winter City Market this weekend Aug 25/6

Any more actions taking place, let the stirrer know!


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