Older Trans Not Sexy Enough


Most trans elders are not wealthy, and life is a struggle: pic by Mike Mozart



As the election grinds on, the stirrer is asking, “What’s your agenda?” Tess Emery’s new agenda is much the same as in 2013 but:  “Millions.. for the younger generation while the older seem to be forgotten. Their stories are not sexy enough for a Tearful Family Documentary or… A Current Affair.”

My agenda is full Medicare cover for people living with Gender Dysphoria. At the moment Medicare covers about 1/3 of the cost of medical expenses that can run into the tens of thousands and this estimate doesn’t include stuff like hair removal for male to female or binders for female to male Transgender peoples.

Many Ladies and Gents who are diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria often find they lose their support networks in Family friends and workplaces. Because of this they often are left living hand to mouth in dire situations as the day to day costs of transitioning add up with costs such as a new wardrobe or more honestly a pre-loved wardrobe as most People Living with Gender Dysphoria have a favourite op shop or two.

Without a constant such as employment many people are not only struggling for money but also miss out on that important social interaction with their peers, this is even more important if a person Living with Gender Dysphoria loses the support of their family and friends.

Of course there has to be a standard.  Many in the Trans world suffer from Munchausen’s where the lifestyle appeals to them but in actual fact they are not living with Gender Dysphoria and are not Diagnosed as such. Any Medicare for those Living with Gender Dysphoria coverage IMO should be limited to those Diagnosed by a recognised doctor in the field.


by Melissa Melster

This added cost to the budget would not be huge but we are seeing Millions being made available for the younger generation while the older seem to be forgotten about as their stories are not sexy enough for a Tearful Family Documentary or a feel good segment on ACA. The GTI (gay trans intersexed) community is notorious in our ability to turn their backs on our elders with little or no respect being afforded this group of older individuals.

So full Medicare coverage for People living with Gender Dysphoria is my agenda but will the Gay community rally behind the T’s in our community or are we really the silent letter in the alphabet.

Tess the “Twavelling Twanny”.