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Latest from AME, Rainbow Families, just.equal, & Kylie Minogue


Following yesterday’s stirrer post, Anna Brown, co-convenor at A4E issued a statement (via Clint McGilvray: see) saying that “A4E and AME oppose a plebiscite”.

An extended conversation between an anonymous representative and two VGLRL members on VGLRL’s Facebook page eventually (and after much shadow-boxing), produced the statement “We do not support a plebiscite. Never have. Never will.”

No-one would utter the words, “We oppose any plebiscite, any time, whatever the terms and conditions”: this is as close as anyone would go. Judge for yourself if it’s as unequivocal as you think it should be.

And if it is, why facilitate the meeting with Brandis at all? Why not simply tell him, “You’re not going to change anybody’s mind, mate. Save yourself the time and expense.” There were mutterings about “having a duty to keep channels of communications open”, but why, when the party on the other end of the line has nothing to say?

Given that AME have in the past

  • clearly not opposed a plebiscite
  • gone silent on it as the election approached
  • removed the petition against a plebiscite addressed to Malcolm Turnbull from their website and ceased promoting it until prodded
  • have often and only very recently called for “compromise” on a plebiscite

it will be a great and welcome relief for all those present at the meeting on Thursday to be able to hear VGLRL, AME and A4E tell George Brandis, clearly, with no double-speak or mixed messages that they oppose a plebiscite.

The majority of the LGBTI community recognises that no matter what the timing, wording etc. etc. of a plebiscite, it never was and never could be acceptable or appropriate for Australia.

Leading the clear and unequivocal opposition are Rainbow Families.


kidssakeRainbow Families say it is time to tell the Attorney General George Brandis what we think about the plebiscite.

“Attorney General George Brandis is leading the Turnbull government’s plebiscite shemozzle. Federal Parliament resumes in one week, Monday 10 October, making it even more urgent that the AG hear our simple message NOW: for our kids’ sake, please no plebiscite under ANY circumstances.

Call his Electorate Office on (07) 3862 4044 (if you call his office, remember to be polite and courteous to the staff)

Email: senator.brandis@aph.gov.au

“BE CREATIVE! School holidays in some states mean the kids might have time to draw a picture of their rainbow family – you could fax it or a handwritten letter to his office on (07) 3862 4244 – most post offices have fax options!

“WRITE to the Attorney General Brandis NOW.”

ALLOUT / just.equal GLOBAL petition

pollIf you haven’t already signed the monster global petition (yeah, I know, another one, but hopefully the last) run by All Out & just.equal against “the world’s most pointless vote” please do it now. This one is not just for Aussies by everyone anywhere in the world. Time to sign & get friends and extended family overseas on board too. And speaking of overseas…


sayidodownunderKylie Minogue, boyfriend Joshua Sasse, actress Margot Robbie and Dolly Parton have got together in the USA to launch “Say ‘I Do’ Down Under” in support of marriage equality here.

Which is very welcome after Miranda Not-So-Devine compared our community to ISIS in the Daily Telegraph. I haven’t heard of any radical queens stalking News Ltd offices with head-lopping intent, or hurling any Romish child-molestors off church towers, however much they may deserve it, so she may be overstating her case a smidge. Let’s hope we can have a nice quiet free vote in parliament one day very, very soon without any more of this gratuitous nastiness.

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