My Trans Agenda – Tess Emery

Medical expenses aren’t a problem if your family’s rich, famous and supportive: pic by lwpkommunikacio

My agenda is full Medicare cover for people living with Gender Dysphoria: at the moment Medicare covers about 1/3 of the cost of medical expenses.

Many Ladies and Gents who are diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria often find they lose their support networks in Family friends and workplaces. Because of this they often are left living hand to mouth in dire situations and the medical costs become unaffordable.

I don’t mean those who are “glorified” cross dressers I mean those who get the letter from their Psychiatrist, not those who just insist they are transgendered. There has to be a standard.  Many in the Trans world suffer from Munchausen’s where the lifestyle appeals to them but in actual fact they are not living with Gender Dysphoria and this must be guarded against.

So full Medicare coverage is my agenda but with the Gay community rally behind the T’s or are we the silent letter in the alphabet.

Tess the “Twavelling Twanny”.

Ed: There is also a full report on trans issues at the LGBTI Health Alliance website.

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