My Negative Agenda – James Rendell

Perth skyline, by Stuart Sevastos

My agenda is that no-one has ever listened to the positive people so in WA
it begs the question what is the point of voting given said lack of

Certainly I have seen no evidence of any gay polly in WA doing anything to
stop the AIDS Council being hijacked by lesbian and gay operatives with
political party membership who saw an opportunity to benefit themselves by
subverting AIDS funding.

The WA AIDS Council constitution removed elected positive community reps
making them lifetime appointments with no requirement to do any work for
the community other than get on the plane to Sydney.

As a result services to positive gay men have been cut so they can divert
the funds towards running their gay and political agenda. I mean HIV
negative gay men get more social support then HIV+ gay men. It beggars
belief that the party of prevention “team” can run a retreat for gay
negative men but when it comes to positive gay men there are no

At a time when it could not go to Sexpo, could not write a submission to
the FIFO Inquiry or a proper on their own submission for the
Discrimination law review, they could not sell red ribbons to raise
awareness of HIV on World AIDS Day and the list goes on BUT The AIDS
Council has undertaken to tirelessly lobby government for GLBTIQ

At the expense of their own constituents?

Why is the AIDS Council doing the lobbying for the Gay Community when they
don’t lobby to improve the lives and medical access for positive people?
And where is Pride WA Inc? If you look at their constitution they are the
group that was set up to lobby for the gays.

It’s very sad that government and Opposition and other parties all tacitly
support this diverting of funds away from the positive people who are the
reason for the funding.

What is worse is it is sad that pollys are coming out now but what have
they done for the last 4 years? Why has no-one delivered a fair go and
equal distribution of resources at the WA AIDS Council or asked the
Government to improve treatment access or for more doctors?

I think the lack of any considered response from any gay or otherwise MP
in WA other than they do lovely parties in WA suggests that “they” all
have been told they don’t have to care about positive people and as poz
people do not add up to enough votes to change an election then why

I’d love to write about my gay poz agenda but who is going to take it
seriously? Are Gay Negative Men going to suddenly decide give up going to
retreats or drinks nights paid for by the AIDS Council? Who really
believes that the former Pride President now in charge of the WA AIDS
Council going to suddenly open up the board to transparency and have
positions on the board, including for ALL poz demographics, democratically

The message from the Gay Community is that now they control OUR funding
sources, on our behalf coz we are too stupid to be able to have our own
opinions, and Positive Gay Men no longer have any meaningful space in the
gay community in WA.

I love the Stirrer but it’s hard to write when everytime one does one is
subjected to tirades of abuse from strangers who also interestingly fail
to declare conflicted or vested interests. Of course employees and mates
of the AIDS Council are gonna say how fantabulous they all are!

My “protest” is not to support the gay agenda until such time as the
GLBTIQ Community starts standing up for the right of poz gay men to be
included without the in your face barrage of stigma and discrimination
that comes from the gays who are actively supporting and maintaining the
status quo: or the disenfranchisement of pos people.

How thus can I have a gay agenda, if as a poz man in Perth, I am like
everyone else in this boat, not a part of the gay community?

About the author

James Rendell is the President of Fagmedia an Independent Queer Media Organisation at Editor of Perth Gay News which is Fagmedia's "fluffy social to keep the locals happy" website. aka Senior Sister Sister Mary-Jane Singleton of the Divine Green Weed, SS Mistress Aunnuncio of the Perth Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (For the hottest gossip in Perth go to and last but not least he is Vice Chairperson of People Living with HIV/AIDS WA Inc but his words here are his purely personal views and not those of the organisation. James' Academic Quals include BA (ECU) PostGradDip Health Promotion (Curtin) Grad Dip Photomedia (ECU) James was awarded the Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year for 1988 by the Corrigin Shire Council in Western Australia and has traveled to 5 continents on this planet.