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As FB has wiped all the links I posted this morning…

European hate on the rise

Europe has seen a “stark rise” in abuse and hate speech directed at LGBT+ people over the last year, a campaign group has warned.

ILGA-Europe said in its annual report that progress which human rights advocates had taken for granted was now “increasingly fragile”.

“In reports from country after country, we see a stark rise in abuse and hate speech against [LGBT+] people,” the review said, with legislative change often “lagging, stagnant or backsliding”.

“In a lot of countries there are still more progressive laws on the books than there were five years ago, but in too many places we’re still waiting for those laws to translate into real change.”

800 footballers support gay players coming out

More than 800 players, both male and female, across Germany have offered their support to any gay footballer addressing their sexual orientation.

The footballers said they would offer support to anyone struggling with their decision to come out in public and, if need be, defend them “in the face of hostility. Because you are doing the right thing and we are on your side.” AFL please copy.

Say only good things about the dead. So… Rush Limbaugh is dead. Good.


Ghana’s Minister-designate for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Sarah Adwoa Sarfo has expressed disapproval over the legalisation of homosexuality in the country.

According to her, not only does the Ghanaian culture frown upon it, the laws governing the State make it criminal.

“The issue of LGBTQI is an issue that when mentioned creates some controversy but what I want to say is that our laws are clear on such practices. It makes it criminal.

“On the issue of its criminality, it is non-negotiable on the issue of cultural acceptance and norms too. These practices are also frowned upon,” she stated emphatically.

LGBTI Homeless

Daniel Harris asked Brighton and Hove City Council to carry out a feasibility study to explore ways to support homeless young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

He said that the council had scrapped an LGBT liaison post in the housing department, leaving vulnerable people more likely to experience targeted violence, sexual exploitation and other dangerous activities because they lacked tailored support.


Jamaica, once described as “the most homophobic place on Earth” by Time magazine, has long been gripped by laws banning “buggery” and “indecency”, adopted from the British constitution before independence.

Anal sex is prohibited and punishable by life imprisonment for any individual, any sexual encounter between men is illegal, and there are no protections for LGBT+ people against discrimination.

The unbreakable closet

Why don’t men playing team sports come out, when it doesn’t seem to be a problem for sportswomen? This is a men’s issue, David Gough stresses, and one that emerges as a consequence of “toxic masculinity in dressing rooms”. David himself admits that he chose to quit playing GAA, rather than facing coming out to his teammates, and states that the difference between being an openly gay referee and an openly gay player is huge.

And finally, Emma Stone as Cruella

Looks like fun.

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