Modern Australian Morality

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This is the tale of two Australians.

Rolf Harris – an expat Aussie living in England – is convicted of molesting four children, years ago. Police say they are looking into more possible offences. Sentenced to 5 years 9 months in jail, of which he will serve about half.

Public reaction via Facebook, Twitter and on news websites is lurid, vengeful and vitriolic, condemning the sentence as far too lenient, given the number of young lives he is said to have ruined.

Scott Morrison – a Minister in the Australian government – is holding at least 983 children in indefinite detention in offshore concentration camps right now. 208 children are detained on Nauru and will never be resettled in Australia, even if found to be refugees. Never mind how they got there in the first place: Morrison is responsible for keeping them there.

Christmas Island Detention Centre – DIBP Images

Some of them are without adult relatives and have reportedly been molested. Many are already damaged by war, the death and disappearance of friends, parents, family or siblings.

“Many children in immigration detention arrive in Australia with pre-existing trauma. A child as young as nine years old has been admitted for self harming.”
Joint Select Committee on Australia’s IDC Network, Suicide Prevention Australia

The psychological damage from this entirely avoidable incarceration and abuse will likely be lifelong.

Now Morrison has organised the handover of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees (some of whom claim to have been tortured by the Sri Lankan military), on the high seas, including children, to the Sri Lankan navy without conducting proper checks, in breach of Australian and international law.

He continues to subvert the rule of law in Australia by circumventing High Court rulings and Senate votes.

The UN, the US, as well as refugee advocacy organisations around the world have condemned this behaviour and pointed out its illegality.

On the Rolf Harris scale of punishment (approx six months per child) he should be facing around 500 years jail. Instead the Government backs him. His party backs him. He is spoken of as a future prime Minister.

He has also, according to the

Claimed asylum seekers are safe on Nauru, even after it was leaked that some guards physically and verbally assault children regularly.

Chose not to give 300 children almost any schooling during 9 months of detention.

Spent more money on detention centres than it would cost to house asylum seekers in Sydney’s most expensive 5 star hotels (per asylum seeker per day).

Deported the mother of a 4 year old Australian citizen, thereby separating the child permanently from her only remaining guardian.

Claimed no Sri Lankan asylum seekers have been sent back into danger, despite being in possession of documents which prove at least one asylum seeker was tortured after being forcefully sent back. A Sri Lankan tribunal recently proved that the Sri Lankan government was guilty of genocide. The United Nations Human Rights Commission is currently investigating war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka.

Declined an offer from the Uniting Church to care for unaccompanied refugee children currently in detention centres. The church offered to feed house and clothe them free of charge.

Disbanded an asylum seeker health panel of 12 experts from a range of fields, replacing it with one military surgeon. The government has refused to comment on the matter.

A seriously twisted morality appears to have gripped this nation.

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