Marriage Equality Videos from Around the World 1

There are some amazing Marriage Equality videos being made right around the world.  Some are witty, some are moving, all send a powerful message.  Take a look a selection of the best Marriage Equality videos from around the world.

Australia – It’s Time – GetUp!

This GetUp! produced Australian Marriage Equality video has garnered nearly 7 million views on YouTube and has been lauded both here and overseas as a powerful message for marriage equality.  I am sure you have already seen it, but it is worth another look.

Australia – It’s Time – GetUp! and Australian Marriage Equality

This is another of the AME videos supporting marriage equality.

United States of America – Betty Bowers

Ok, this is not a Marriage Equality video per se.  Mrs Betty Bowers,  America’s “best christian”, explains traditional marriage.  Brilliant.

United Kingdom – Homecoming – Coalition for Equal Marriage

A professional and interesting approach to the Marriage Equality video genre.  Similar in style to the It’s Time production.

United States of America – The Golden Girls on Marriage Equality

The Golden Girls is that classic series we all remember, and before it was popular to make these public statements, the girls were in there with a wise and simple message.

Ireland – Sinead’s Hand – Ireland Marriage Equality

This is one of my personal favorites in this genre.  Enjoy.

Ireland – Rory’s Story – Ireland Marriage Equality

A powerful reminder to our GLBTI cousins in Ireland of the problems for families denied marriage equality.

Canada – Heritage Minute

From a country with Marriage Equality comes a short infomercial style video.

Australia – Equal Love 09 – Series of 5 Videos

Although now 3 years old, this series of videos is still powerful and relevant.  If you haven’t watched them in a while, revisit and enjoy.

If you have a favourite Marriage Equality video, let us know and we can add it to our list.