Mardi Gras – Police Press Conference, MPs request & other updates

NSW riot squad at APEC – also allegedly deployed at Mardi Gras

PLEASE: if you witnessed any police incidents at Mardi Gras, were subjected to rough treatment, or have photos or phone or video footage of any incidents, please contact Alex Greenwich AND NSW Police – details below.

I have already posted the Mardi Gras videographers eyewitness account of one of the police bashings at Mardi Gras. Since then the NSW police have held a press conference, and Sydney Independent gay MP Alex Greenwich has called for anyone who has any photos, video, or just personal testimony to contact him. Several incidents have been talked about already via Facebook.

Alex Greenwich said
Mardi Gras policing: We know about two incidents after the Mardi Gras parade where people raised serious concerns about police behaviour. While I don’t believe that there is a pattern, I want to make sure. I’m calling for anyone else who experienced similar problems to contact my office

Alex has requested a meeting with Mike Gallacher, Minister For Police And Emergency Services

There are two petitions doing the rounds, from Avaaz and GetUp, asking for a full inquiry into policing of the event.

NSW Police held a press conference with Asst Commissioner Mark Murdoch & GLBTI spokesperson Chief Superintendent Donna Adney

Murdoch said the police had two pieces of footage relating to two incidents, and had initiated two internal investigations by the ‘independent’ Professional Standards Command, and probably the Ombudsman would wish to become involved.

Both incidents, he said, are the subject of criminal proceedings therefore he needed to be restrained in his comments. He urged people, don’t jump to conclusions, as the footage covered only one small part of a much larger incident.

He appealed to the public for more info;  if you were around or have any photos footage of either incident.

Re the incident at Oxford & Riley St’s at 10pm police will allege the individual concerned used offensive language, then assaulted police and resisted arrest.

Re the incident at Oxford & Crown St’s at 1130pm police will allege an individual assaulted a sergeant in the execution of his duty.

Re the requests by police for bystanders to stop filming, he said this was contrary to the forces policy and showed a degree of naivety on part of the police who asked them to stop filming.

He stressed the need to wait and see what investiagtions show and until we find out exactly what happened.

In the meantime the officers involved remain on frontline duties – being managed locally.

Police have not received a complaint from either individual. He also stressed that these were only two incidents and he was unaware of any other complaints of heavy handed policing.

The police have posted on their Facebook page

The NSW Police Force is aware of footage on YouTube relating to an incident at the Sydney Mardi Gras on Saturday night. An investigation will be conducted into the full circumstances surrounding the incident. As soon as we can provide any further information or updates, we will certainly do so.

Please message them if you have any information or  contact Chief Super Donna Adney, GLBTI spokesperson, via her Facebook page.


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