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Expression of Interest – City Farm Project

Clinical Services at WAAC has been presented with an opportunity to secure a 20 square metre community garden plot at City Farm, the vibrant and innovative community farm in East Perth.

We would like to gauge your interest in participating, contributing and being a part of this exciting new project. We need to determine interest in order to decide if the project is feasible and/or sustainable.

Some key information about the project:

  • Once sufficient interest is determined, the project would start as soon as possible.
  • The project would begin with 3 half day orientation and training sessions, held over three weeks.
  • After orientation, you will be able to get fully involved in the plot and begin to design, plant and tend to the garden.
  • Furthermore, all seedlings, compost and other planting steps are carried out in-house, so you would be fully involved in these processes as well.
  • Harvest from the plot can be taken home, however there is also some expectation that some produce will be provided to City Farm so they can provide sustainable lunches for volunteers.
  • If interested, you can also become a volunteer at City Farm if the concept of the community farm really appeals to you.
  • You will be able to choose your time to tend to the garden plot that fits in with your schedule.

URGENT – Please contact me ASAP to register your interest by reply email or 9482 0000

Warmest Regards
Lisa Tomney
Manager Clinical Serv

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