LGBTI Can Join ‘Religious Freedom’ Consultation – AG

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LGBTI groups have been urged to make their views known to the Federal Government about proposed religious discrimination and freedom laws. The Government has announced a consultation process involving MPs and religious groups, but it has not been clear if LGBTI groups can participate.

 Just.equal spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said, “We have an assurance from the office of Attorney-General, Christian Porter, that LGBTI groups can be part of the consultation.” 

Christian Porter

“We urge LGBTI groups, including faith groups, to contact Mr Porter’s office and ask to participate in the consultation.” 

“It is vital the Government hears diverse LGBTI community voices, especially those concerned about the potential erosion of LGBTI legal rights in the name of religious freedom.” 

On Monday the Government released a summary of its legislative priorities that included religious freedom amendments to existing federal laws regarding marriage, charities and discrimination, as well as the appointment of a religious freedom commissioner. These proposals have been criticised by just.equal.  

According to a report on the Government’s consultation process in the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday, “Attorney-General Christian Porter is preparing to hold workshops with backbenchers in Canberra this week before consulting churches and others in the weeks ahead to finalise the first version of the bill.”

‘Religious freedom’ = Discrimination?

So called “religious freedom” legislation could create new ways to discriminate against LGBTIQ+ Australians. We need to call on all our political leaders to ensure that no new laws create new ways to make LGBTIQ+ people second class.

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