Let’s Switch To Colour

Be like Aunty Jack: welcome in the colour

In the late 1960s and early 1970s the biggest political issue of the day was black and white tv versus colour tv.

The Liberals where opposed to colour TV as the companies that made the black and white TVs where all well known Liberal donors.

In 1972 the ALP introduced the reform for colour TVs for 1975.

Today the biggest political issue is marriage equality. I see many Liberals arguing for black and white marriage licences.

A Real Rainbow Marriage Certificate

The world has moved to full colour marriage licences peoples, the day for arguing for black and white marriage licences has ended.

Who supports full colour marriage licenses being introduced in to Australia just like they have in the USA, England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Denmark, Spain, Iceland, Netherlands etc?


First British colour TV picture