Kids Fighting In A Sandpit am a paid up member of Joy 94.9. I am so confused and embarrassed though as a community member about this public infighting. The level of public infighting is such bad form. From what we are witnessing though, there seems to be presenters and paid members, protracting a very public view around a Bullying Culture and inappropriate workplace practices from inside that of JOY 94.9. Bullying is not acceptable by any Community Standard. We have seen the effect of Bullying through the death of Molly, the young outback teenager and the former face of Akubra.

I understand our community from another perspective than that of yourself and others.  I have tried to articulate my understanding of community, in my previous post. There are many people that live much different lives than that of yourself and from others named on the petition. There are many LGBQTI Individuals that live on the outer margins. At times, some of these people’s identities are lost when merged unnoticed into the mainstream community. This is not always a positive process.

We listen to JOY FM and it brings us so much pleasure. We have noticed changes at JOY FM, but we haven’t known why. We have noticed some announcers presence disappearing from the airwaves. From a listeners perspective, this has created so much diversity in the presence of new and emerging talents. We have had no understanding of any issues inside of JOY 94.9, until we received an email from the President of JOY 94.9 last week.

JOY 94.9 is supposed to be all about our community. An inclusive community. Not just about selective parts of the community or selective programs or selective presenters.

JOY 94.9 is the voice for a tolerant and inclusive community. JOY 94.9, should promote equality and acceptance.

JOY 94.9 should not be about bruised egos. It’s not about fallen soldiers. It should not be about those who have held executive positions in most LGBQTI NGOs and just need to continue a presence, where there presence may have been exhausted years ago.

Bullying is such an unhealthy behaviour by Community Standards.

As a member of JOY 94.9, with little to no understanding of the current situation.  I, would suppose that there are formal internal investigative processes inside of JOY 94.9,  that should effectively manage these types of allegations.

Any alleged criminal offences, should though be immediately referred to Vic Pol for investigation. Other allegations of Bullying or Discrimination etc should be referred to VEOHRC or to VCAT.

From those of us that have nothing to do with any of the rubbish that seems to be going on. All parties to the dispute are only representing what the NO voters, through the Marriage Equality Campaign threw onto our community.

Where the matters have now gained full commercial media exposure. It really does demonstrate how vicious and discriminatory our community really is. We might have fought and won our chance for Equality for Marriage. The parties to this dispute have only demonstrated to the communities that voted in the Same Sex Marriage Survey….just what the LGBQTI Community lacks in their understanding of Equality.

It is clear that the signatures to the petition are fighting for inclusion. Inclusion though is about everyone. It’s about our community. Sometimes I feel that the matters being raised are better settled in a court room.

The matters now brought to light by the mainstream media, seem like kids fighting in a sandpit. The problem is, that our community should know better and should be better than this.

The argument between all parties is not just hurting the dinted egos that seem intent of being included back on to the air waves. But it is also having detrimental effects on community members, that now know about the situation and have to sit by and watch this s…………Its affecting listeners, it’s affecting community….all of the community….those connected, those disconnected and lonely and those that JOY 94.9 plays an important connection too.

I stand incredibly embarrassed that all parties seem to lack any understanding of what our community actually is……the arguments, the allegations of bullying are now very serious for our community. Those perpetrators or those involved and identified as parties, should adopt proper and healthy behaviours. Behaviours that the community as a whole, accept as healthy.

A proper dialogue and through an AGM seems relevant, outside of legal processing’s through the Judiciary to immediately manage these allegations.

Nick Tuscany