It’s The Mad Witches Work!

The campaign to Sack Alan Jones is going crazy. But the 50,000 women doing most of the work are not getting the credit. Why?

Jennie Jane, founder of Mad Fucking Witches, writes:

This is a hard post to write but I need help. And I’m not good at asking for help! 

Some friends know I’m the founder of a Facebook page called Mad Fucking Witches. Even though I shouldn’t, I generally talk about it obliquely as I feel people will judge me for the swearing. It started because of a Peter Dutton tweet to a journalist so the swearing was out of my hands, but it just “worked” as a kind of schtick that got attention for issues my other admins and I cared about, so we kept it going. 

Not that it matters, but I don’t swear much in real life and it feels surreal to do so as much as we do on the page. Old conditioning as a woman born in the 1960s dies hard! However, I have now decided to be “out” as the founder of the page (for better or worse) because I’m so damn tired of being silent and I don’t know what I’m afraid of anyway. 

Anyway, here’s the ask. Since our campaign to Sack Alan Jones has gone absolutely MAD, there’s been little media attention for MFW. All the media is saying the campaign is being run by Sleeping Giants. They ARE involved, of course, but a lot of the heavy lifting is coming from a furious howling group of witches. There are 50,000 of them across three platforms and even I can’t believe how hard they’re working.

Don’t Erase The Witches!

But they are getting discouraged. With all the attention on Sleeping Giants (which I think has male management) they’re upset as women. Particularly as the campaign started with the “put a sock down her throat” comments, which were about silencing women. They feel they’re now being erased from an issue where they’re doing a huge amount of work. I don’t blame them. 

I’m not looking for attention for myself. I would probably prefer not to have it. But I want this campaign to work. I think it’s important for the media and political landscape in this country. A turning point (yes, better late than never). But if I can’t get the media to do the right thing here, the campaign may not succeed. Some of the media don’t know it’s MFW, which I understand. But my followers have been furiously messaging many media organisations, and are still being ignored.

Tell Them It’s The Witches!

Why? I think it’s because of the swearing. Or maybe they’re scared of angry cussing women. Whatever it is, it’s threatening the whole campaign as the witches need acknowledgement to feel appreciated. So I’m asking my journalist friends, and anyone who agrees with what we’re trying to do, to please talk to the media. Tell them this is MFW’s campaign, not Sleeping Giants (who are kindly referring media enquiries to us, yet STILL most of the journalists won’t talk to us). If you have influence and you want Jones to go, I would love your help. 

Influential people tell me this campaign is scaring the hell out of right-wing media and politicians, and on that basis I hope some of you may like to assist. I need to keep my witches energised and up for the fight.

PS – Yes, I know people are critical of the campaign because nobody worked as hard for other women or for POC when Jones went for them. All I can say is there was no social media when the Cronulla Riots were on, and I worked my butt off for Destroy the Joint back in 2012. I also believe the political landscape right now is really different to what it was just a year ago, with many people very angry with the new government. So all I can do right now is work on what’s happening this week. I posted on the issue and it took off, now I’m just riding the bucking bronco. 

If you’ve read this far, thank you.

Twitter @MadFckingWitch

Jennie Jane