IOC Will Disqualify Protestors, Russian Cops Will Arrest Them

998917_10151576128943861_1467695647_nPlans for Olympic athletes to protest Russia’s anti-gay laws by carrying rainbow flags, wearing rainbow pins and patches, and wave rainbow flags were in tatters today as the IOC confirmed that any athlete making a political gesture will be disqualified, and the Russian interior ministry confirmed the police would enforce the anti-gay law and arrest them.

The only remain options are now to move the Olympics elsewhere, or boycott them altogether.

PLEASE make your voice heard by signing a petition, protesting direct to the Olympic Committee, and the local and international sponsors.

Australian Olympic Committee Email

Patron in Chief Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia Email

President John D Coates AC, LLB Email

Vice Presidents Helen M Brownlee OAM, BEd Email


ACT Olympic Council
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Hughes ACT 2605
Ph: Secretary (Mr Bruce Coe) – 0416 198 852

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Museum of Contemporary Art
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WA Olympic Council
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Write to the Minister for Sport Senator Don Farrell

Write to the Prime Minister

Sign the petition asking SPONSORS to withdraw support


Wondering why Channel Ten are turning a blind eye to the horrors of the anti-gay violence in Russia? Why they haven’t reported on the calls for a boycott? Because they paid $20m to broadcast the games.


Local TV sponsors Australia Channel 10: @channeltennews @channelten

Australian Team Sponsors (full list) include

Swisse @SwisseAU

Adidas @adidasAU

Speedo @SpeedoAus

Qantas @QantasAirways

MAJOR SPONSORS (list here)

NBC Olympics: @nbcolympics

Coca Cola: @cocacola

McDonalds Corp: @mcdonaldscorp

Samsung: @samsungtweets

Omega: @omegawatches

GE: @generalelectric

Visa: @visa

Panasonic: @panasonic

P&G: @pgeveryday

Atos: @atos

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