How Kevin Rudd Can Win The Election

Can Kevin Rudd get Labor out of the woods? pic by Sentrawoods

Unlike many Australians, there was never a question in my mind about the legitimacy of Julia Gillard’s tenure as Prime Minister.  She came to power through legally-valid parliamentary process.  Kevin Rudd’s return to the top job is equally legally valid – as far as I am concerned if Mr Rudd can command a majority in the House of Representatives then by rights the Governor General should commission him as Prime Minister.

However, I can’t help but feel I’ve woken up from a bad dream.  Just like Macbeth, the pretender to the throne has had her come-uppance.  The natural order has been restored.  Queensland is back in its rightful place of leadership – both politically and in the State of Origin. And, perhaps most importantly Stephen Conroy is no longer Communications Minister (arguable the worst person to ever occupy that post).

In my opinion Rudd Redux is nothing more than another poll-driven machination from a party that has lost its sense of identity and isn’t sure who its constituents are.  I’m not convinced that there is any real policy difference between Rudd and Gillard, and frankly, I’m not convinced either has a legislative plan, a vision for our country or a reason to be prime minister.

Other than denying power to Abbott, what does the ALP want to achieve?”

Having said that I am uncomfortable with the idea of Tony Abbott as Prime Minister, so Mr Rudd, if you read The Stirrer here is some advice on how I think you can win a majority government:

Push the election out to November. 
You need time to draw a line under the Gillard years and show that the adults are back in charge of the ALP.  Recall the parliament so that you can undo a bunch of bad legislation shepherded by Julia Gillard.  You can also demonstrate the legitimacy of your premiership by surviving a vote of no confidence brought by Tony Windsor.

Roll-back the changes to single-parenting payment
The Gillard Government pulled hundreds of dollars per fortnight off single-mothers.  This is not taking care of disadvantaged members of our community.  These people need and deserve our support.

Reinstate Temporary Protection Visas and end off-shore processing
This will stop the boats, and end the cruelty.  The only caveat is that the new TPVs need have a mechanism in them where they can, at the discretion of the Minister for Immigration, have a clear path to citizenship.

Roll back the religious incursions into Government
Make same-sex marriage a binding policy of the ALP and dump the school chaplains program in favour of secular teacher’s aides.
End the ‘floor price’ period of the carbon tax, move immediately to emissions trading linked to the EU trading scheme.
Your failure to act on “the great moral challenge of our time” made it clear that your first government never moved from being an opposition to being a government.  In the past five years I cannot recall a day where the ALP stopped campaigning and started governing.

Somehow Mr Rudd I doubt you have what it takes to win this upcoming election.  But I think if you follow this plan and articulate a clear vision for the direction you want our country to take you might just stand a chance.

Do you think The Australian Labor Party can win under Kevin Rudd’s leadership?  Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

About the author

James Newburrie is a cyber-security specialist, the man who organised a marriage equality demo outside Mt Isa MP Bob Katters office, and runs the Facebook Equal Marriage page 32001names. Never without his unrelenting sense of logic or his trusty iPad he tweets as @Difficultnerd