Have AFL Vic Country Tackled Homophobia?


Auskick, by Mike Hauser. But is VCFL safe for LGBTI kids now?

I reported some time ago that the VCFL did not seem to have complied with a VCAT ruling obtained by Ken Campagnolo. They said they had. Thanks to Jeff Kennett, we now have the details of how they claim to have complied. Compare it to what they promised to do, at the link above. Good enough, do you think?


WorkSafe Victorian Country Football League (VCFL), now known as WorkSafe AFL Vic Country, put in place to comply with the order in relation to the above mentioned person:

  • ·         VCFL Rule 9.0 – Racial & Religious Vilification amended to include discriminatory behavior in relation to a person’s sexual orientation – 2011

o   Refer attached to current AFL Victoria Vilification Policy

  • ·         AFL Victoria and the WorkSafe VCFL (pre November 2012) worked closely with the AFL to produce the Australian Football Industry Education – Vilification and Discrimination education resource
  • ·         This resource was distributed to all Community Clubs pre Xmas 2012 – with education sessions available across 2013
  • ·         The following hyperlinks will take you directly to the information readily available around the subject also

o   http://www.aflcommunityclub.com.au/index.php?id=211

o   http://www.aflcommunityclub.com.au/index.php?id=734

  • ·         WorkSafe AFL Vic Country regularly conduct training session for clubs and leagues in relation to vilification generally and also work very closely with Peter Gourlay from the Equal Opportunity Commission in relation to matters around gender bias etc – eg. Yarra Glen players (WorkSafe AFL Vic Country Affiliate) heading the recent Pride March held in St. Kilda and promotion of the event on AFL Victoria and WorkSafe AFL Vic Country websites

o   http://www.vcfl.com.au/index.php?id=7&tx_ttnews%5Byear%5D=2013&tx_ttnews%5Bmonth%5D=01&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=833&cHash=c8ace730f420075d8f7e381708814672

As stated above the biggest shift in thinking has created policy, rule and educational changes throughout the WorkSafe AFL Vic Country network as well as generally within AFL Victoria statewide.

AFL Victoria Vilification Policy Final 250612

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