Greece: Homophobia Takes Hold in Olympic Birthplace

pic: Eric Vernier

Attention is beginning to focus on the extreme anti-gay crackdown under way in Putin’s Russia. Same-sex parents there are planning to flee before the government passes new laws to take their children away from them.

Calls are being made to hit Putin where it hurts: in his national pride, and his hip pocket. We can do this by boycotting the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, and the companies sponsoring it.

It may also be time to considering the birthplace of the Olympics, since the rise of the far right Golden Dawn party.

The anti-gay ideology infesting Putin’s empire is underpinned by the homophobic rhetoric coming out of the Orthodox church. Their insidious influence is also at work in another European country, with dire consequences for the LGBTI community in Greece.

For some time now the Greek government has been rounding up transgender people and imprisoning them in camps along with other ‘undesirables’.

Now according to HIVPLUS,

Health minister Adonis Georgladis has reinstated Public Health Decree 39A, a 2012 measure that allows police to detain people suspected of being HIV positive and force them to be tested, according the Greek news outlet ENET. The measure also urges landlords to evict tenants who are HIV-positive (as a public health threat).

Two worlds are emerging. In one we are treated like subhumans. In the other we are proudly equal citizens. Which one will Australia join?

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Veteran gay writer and speaker, Doug was one of the founders of the UKs pioneering GLBTI newspaper Gay News (1972) , and of the second, Gay Week, and is a former Features Editor of Him International. He presented news and current affairs on JOY 94.9 FM Melbourne for more than ten years. "Doug is revered, feared and reviled in equal quantities, at times dividing people with his journalistic wrath. Yet there is no doubt this grandpa-esque bear keeps everyone abreast of anything and everything LGBT across the globe." (Daniel Witthaus, "Beyond Priscilla", Clouds of Magellan, Melbourne, 2014)