Gladstone Rally for Equal Marriage

Gladstone, Queensland is having a Marriage Equality Rally on Saturday 17th November at 1PM at Apex Park (Cnr Goondoon and Tank Streets in the CBD)!

“Of all places, Gladstone?” I hear you say. Absolutely Gladstone! The town has made strides in the last few years, I have to say. In yesterday’s paper, for example, 5 pages had space taken up by gay-related content. Three of those were full pages – no mean feat for a regional paper to give us that kind of space! And it’s not the first time we’ve had positive articles in prominent spots in the Gladstone Observer… The population here is primed and ready!

Not so our MPs. In Gladstone, like much of Queensland, they voted against Marriage Equality in the recent Federal debate. This rally is an opportunity for us to tell them that they are voting against the will of the people! But probably more important than that for Gladstone is the opportunity for the queer community there to be visible, to shine, and to be seen by people who otherwise feel alone.

So while I and my comrades sort out the final preparations for the rally, I am asking you all to take 2-3 steps (depending on your location) to help me make this a success:

  1. Share the Event (Both this page and the Facebook Event Page) even if you don’t know people in Gladstone… your friends might!

  2. Invite your friends. Even if you can’t come to the event, you can contribute to its success by employing that most valuable tool – your voice.

  3. Turn up on the day if you’re in the area! The number on the day is the measure of success for this type of event.

If you’ve done these 3 things, you’ve ensured that the rally will be the best it can possibly be!

Faye Kjattar of Squid Ink Designs did a fantastic job with the rally’s promotional poster which has gone up around Gladstone to advertise the rally.

Remember, put it in your diaries if you have to, that Gladstone is the place to be for Marriage Equality on November 17th, and if it’s the place to be for Marriage Equality, then it’s the place to be for ME!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Dylan Carmichael, Gladstone Marriage Equality Rally Organiser

About the author

Dylan Carmichael is the Good Fairy of the North. Previously this was The North of Tasmania, but now it’s in relation to Oz – he now lives in Brisbane. He once lived even further north, when he organised the first Marriage Equality Rally in Gladstone. You can find him on Facebook where he hangs out with a few more serious bloggers. He’s also succumbed to Twitter, where he’s @dcarmau, and blogs at