Gays Favorite Mum Joins Next PMs Sister For New Marriage Campaign

Shelley Argent at the campaign launch

Shelley Argent at the campaign launch

The latest marriage equality campaign features a pregnant couple faced with the universal question, “What are you having?” The answer may surprise you.

Long-time campaigner for marriage equality, Brisbane mother, Shelley Argent of the group Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays launched the campaign today with the support of Christine Forster, marriage equality supporter, Sydney City Councillor and sister of the Federal Opposition Leader.

“Every parent starts preparing their world so that their baby will grow up to enjoy all of the opportunities that they themselves have had,” Mrs Argent said.

“For many years now I have been asking the Federal Government to recognize that my gay son should have the same right as any other of my children to be married.

“What if your child was born gay or lesbian, wouldn’t you want the same thing?

The campaign features a pregnant couple rejoicing at the news they are having a little lesbian. It  reminds us all that any child can be born gay or lesbian and that’s why marriage equality is an issue for every family, not just LGBTI folk.

Christine Forster today endorsed the new video and poster campaign and said she believes politicians from all sides support marriage equality.

“We’ve always prided ourselves on being a nation that supported a fair go for all,” she said.

“This campaign is another reminder that lesbians and gays come from all walks of life and from every part of Australia, and should have the same rights as our straight brothers and sisters,” Ms Forster said.

“It’s well known that my brother Tony and I have a respectful difference of opinion on marriage equality, but I am encouraged that he has said the issue would be a matter for the new federal Liberal parliamentary party room, after the coming election. I hope that leads to a reopening of the debate on this important social reform, which I believe is a matter for a conscience vote, and which I know is a vital issue to many families around Australia.”

PFLAG commissioned the campaign and brought it to reality with the help of actors, advertising creatives and production crew, who all donated their time and outdoor advertising company GOA is providing free space to support the poster campaign.

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