Gay & Desperate in Uganda

In Australia we are battling for the right to marry, but in Uganda, they are fighting to stay alive in the face of vicious persecution. The message below was recently posted on Facebook.

Please consider a donation, and please also write to the Minister for Immigration urging him to grant asylum claims from Ugandan gays and lesbians as a matter of urgency.

Brendan O’Connor MP, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship
Telephone: 02 6277 7860  Fax: 02 6273 4144  Email

Electorate office: Suite 1 Level 2, 13–15 Lake Street, Caroline Springs VIC 3023
Telephone: 03 8390 6166 Fax: 03 8358 4245 


Am called Andrew Waiswa I. Mulema, am an LGBTI Human Rights Defender.  I am the founder and Executive Director of GEHO – Uganda. An LGBTI Organization found in Jinja Eastern Uganda. As of today we are working with 183 LGBTI members (people we serve), because of the recent events of the re-introduction of the KILL GAY Bill our membership base has increased from 127 to 183 in just 3 months.

Friends, it breaks my heart that our safe-house program for the LGBT living in hiding and fear, entirely depends on begging and crying out to you every now and then. It hurts when I have to become more of a beggar and of course it also nags you seeing the same appeal, over and over again.

I have 39 grown up people who are living in the 3 safe houses, if we close the doors today, their lives are in danger, they are not safe on the streets at worst some don’t even have a place to stay at all, and the police will also make a “killing” arresting several LGBT in a single go.

They have to stay in these houses, as we pave ways for their refugee asylum applications and approval in different countries or as we look for ways to make them start a new life in other parts of the country where they can assume new identities.

It’s a painful and unforgiving situation. Because we don’t have funding, the living conditions in these safe house facilities is some time inhuman without enough food, or running water, or power, no medication.

It’s a long process to get funding from foundations or organization from outside countries. Sometimes it takes months or a full year for a grant proposal to be considered by a board.

We entirely depend on your donations however small they can be, they always help along way. We as GEHO an Organization, we are accountable to every donor in every way. Our monthly financial statements are available to show you prove of where every donation went.

We also issue a receipt of donation and we welcome everybody who wants to ask everything about our operations. If it wasn’t for Fred, we were going to close down, though some rent has been paid and some food bought and some bills paid!!

The need is still big, kindly consider a small donation today wherever small it can be, it will go a long way to help, please contact me if u need more details or click on to make a donation. Hear us crying, just know we are desperate and no way to run.

If you are having a birthday plan, to use it to raise some donations for us, or consider a dinner and ask friends to make a few donations, you can do a garage sale and donate to us the profits. Thanks once again.