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Sex among soldiers in wartime is something most soldiers know about, more than a few participated in, and most have never talked about. As the Sydney Morning Herald  says

Official silence, a veil of secrecy and even outright disbelief about wartime sex among servicemen has reigned supreme ever since, compounded by mythologies about Aussie diggers and the ”mateship” legend. Now, historians are telling a different, more realistic story thanks to the release of an army file on the discharge of male homosexuals in WWII.

Nice to see the keeper of the Lesbian & Gay Archives Graham Willett credited as one of the two researchers who are uncovering this hidden history.

The cream of Russia’s crop of “much-lambasted” pop stars are trying to have their cake and eat it too, attacking a controversial law that bans “gay propaganda” in St. Petersburg, and calling for its author to be kicked out of the city legislature. But at the same time speaking out against the “gay propaganda” that the law bans. Confused much?

Nikolai Alexseev, leader of the Russian gay rights movement, posted on Facebook overnight:

“Khimki City Court just outside Moscow ruled the ban of Gay Pride march and rally on 14 October was illegal! My first court victory on Gay Prides in Russian courts!”

“Getting a Brazilian” just got a whole new meaning: the state of Sao Paulo has confirmed that same-sex marriage is legal. The Brazilian Law log notes

Therefore, foreigners who wish to marry same sex partners in Brazil will now be allowed a marriage visa, which is much easier to obtain than the civil union visa for same sex unions, which already existed.

There are dumbass religious types, and then there are really dumbass religious types. And then there’s this guy from The Cowboy Church of Virginia who claims stroking horses cures homosexuality. No it doesn’t. Does nothing for terminal dumbass stupidity either.

And finally (as they say in commercial TV news bulletins as they prepare to assault your intelligence with a story about a skateboarding duck or a yodelling Jack Russell), here’s a little Hawaiian Christmas greeting.

Yes, it may be a cheesy song, made even cheesier by indifferent drag, bad lipsynch, flatfooted ‘dancing’ and amateurish camera work, but it’s a very powerful piece. It got a Canadian teacher suspended for showing it to his pupils ‘as a way of raising transgender issues’. Mainly, it seems, because of the guy at the end with the banana.

Merry Xmas.


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