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Uber-gay icon Stephen Fry, by Duncan Hull

Australian Marriage Equality want couples from other states to write to the New South Wales marriage equality inquiry.

NSW co-ordinator, Macolm MacPherson, said AME has produced a submission guide to help supporters of marriage equality make their views heard. AME national convener, Rodney Croome, said the NSW Bill is generally excellent legislation.

“The NSW Bill explicitly includes intersex people which is a step forward, however it also includes a residency requirement which I am concerned about because it will stop interstate couples from marrying in NSW.”

“Similar Bills before other state parliaments are open to interstate couples on the basis that all Australians should have access to marriage regardless of their sexual orientation and where they live.”

“I urge couples who don’t live in NSW but would like to marry there to make their concerns known to the inquiry.”

Russian gay rights advocate Nikolai Alekseev writes that he gave a speech at the Working group of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on Tuesday. One of the main topics: the non-compliance of Russia with the European Court verdict in the case of Alekseyev v. Russia re Moscow Pride March bans. Russia will get another very strong resolution in March after Committee of Ministers meeting.

Chrys Stevenson takes Tanya Plibersek – and a host of other Aussie politicians – to task for aiding and abetting the infiltration of fundamentalist religion into our schools and our children’s mind, all for political advantage. Creationism is being taught as scientific fact. The longer we permit this to fester, the worse it will be for our society in future – and not just LGBTI. 

It is simply unacceptable that the laxity of our state and federal governments has allowed an ideological belief to infiltrate schools and undermine the teaching of a vitally important scientific theory which undergirds so many of this nation’s scientific, agricultural and medical endeavours. We need our children to be well informed about science because they are the scientists, researchers, inventors and innovators of the future.

Yesterday I said that television’s master hypnotist and manipulator Derren Brown planned to try to turn a gay guy straight. Now he says that was all a newspaper beat-up. You decide. Either way he gets the free publicity!!

Some good news from the European Court of Human Rights – wouldn’t it be nice to have a supra-national court in the Asia-Pacific zone too? – a ruling that a ban on same-sex second parent adoption is discriminatory.

Alli Jernow, Senior Legal Adviser, International Commission of Jurists, stated:

“With today’s decision, the Court clearly asserts that families are families, regardless of the sex of the parents, and that barriers to legal recognition and protection based on sexual orientation serve the interests of neither parents nor children.”

Uganda. Oh how I hate writing that word. Once again That Bill has risen to the top of the agenda, so something may happen soon. Meanwhile uber-gay-icon Stephen Fry, in the country filming for Comic Relief, debated with anti-gay pastor Solomon Male on local radio. If anyone knows of any audio of this online, gimme a shout. Apparently Fry won the debate, big time!

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