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The Russian Orthodox church is dragging Russia into the past: photo by Maurice B

Bob Katter says no-one is going to talk about gay marriage at the Katter Australian Party’s national executive meeting on Friday. He told The Age:

”We don’t think about it. We don’t discuss it. You’re preoccupied with it. You have a problem with it. We don’t. It’s not on our agenda.”

It may not be on the agenda, but I’m willing to bet they talk about little else in the hallways, corridors, and gentlemen’s rest rooms.

The French, meanwhile, have given one of those complicated Gallic shrugs of the shoulders and passed a gay marriage bill through the assembly 329 to 229, which includes the right of same-sex couples to adopt. The bill will now face the Senate. I haven’t read a translation, but I hear that it doesn’t cover transgender and intersex people. More later.

Russia, however, continues to take great leaps backwards. The St Petersburg Times reports:

Working closely with the Russian Orthodox Church, the Putin regime is . . . actively bearing down on all forms of dissent and nontraditional behavior, focusing their efforts on residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities. The attack on homosexuals is only a small battle in the larger war against the “creative class,” . . [which] has been extended over the past year to target liberals, contemporary artists, atheists, political cartoonists, bloggers and volunteers. It also includes legislation restricting Internet freedoms and other laws aimed at “blasphemers” and those who “slander” politicians and the state.

Not sure what to make of this, but here goes anyway. If I’m wrong, well, I’ll admit it. A paper called the Greek Reporter USA edition is saying that they have confirmation that Hilary Clinton will run for the presidency in 2016. The former Secretary of State continues to be the most popular U.S. politician, with a 61% to 34% favorable rating.

Also in the USA , another Athlete Ally, this time from basketball, has joined the ranks. Not new news, I know, but still worth a gong.

“Becoming an Athlete Ally gives me the opportunity to spread a message of inclusiveness throughout the NBA and our country.  I have two moms and I love them both very much. I respect, honor and support them in every way. The bond I have with them has made me realize that I want all members of the LGBT community – whether they are parents, players, coaches or fans – to feel welcome in the NBA and in all of our communities,” said Faried.

A sad sad story of a guy who can’t stop feeling gay but refuses to give up on trying to get rid of his gayness. Read it and weep for the poor deluded idiot.  Do not, on the other hand, for the LAGBTI campaigners trying to get Orson Scott Card fired from DC Comics because he’s a homophobes. Even homophobes have to eat, guys – just don’t buy into Superman – the Digital Series.

And finally, A greeting to the New Orleans Mardi Gras from NASA. I wonder what they’ll do, if anything, for Sydney?

NASA Marsdi Gras

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