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Have you seen this leaflet lying around your uni – uninvited?

The nasty little leaflet shown above has surfaced at Monash Uni. Matt Coller reacted immediately.


I asked Matt if he’d kept any copies of this filth. He replied:

I’ve attached a PDF of the one booklet I souvenired – you can see it’s pretty serious, ‘fire and brimstone’ stuff. Apparently all gay people were molested as children and because they didn’t pray to Jesus to forgive THEIR OWN sins, now they’re infected with the spirit of Satan, so that’s why they’re dying of AIDS. Charming…

I’ve also sent a copy to Michael Barnett, who recommended I report it to the Vice Chancellor’s office. I consigned the rest of the 40 or so booklets to the nearest recycling bin, and left a note saying “This homophobic and hateful material has been disposed of. Please do not bring it onto Campus again.”

Judging by the contact details, and the fact the table wasn’t attended (I stayed by it eating lunch for about an hour), I’m guessing this is someone outside the University coming onto campus and leaving this stuff out for people to take. I’m not on campus today to see if he’s been back, but I can only imagine he might be doing the rounds of other University campuses.

The Uni is mostly deserted at the moment, but I certainly wouldn’t want this stuff floating around when impressionable overseas students arrive on campus with the new semester.

Can I suggest people have a check on their campuses to make sure this dangerous rubbish isn’t being peddled elsewhere, too? How about scooping up a selection and, if you happen to be passing the Joy studios at Level 9, 225 Bourke St in the city (near the junction with Russell St), drop in and pop them in my pigeonhole? Otherwise, do as Matt has done: report them, and destroy them. Here’s a sample:

Gay community

Sex-ed is a fraught subject, but one we should not avoid, for the sake of future generations. In too many places in Australia sex-ed is contracted out to ‘Christian’ groups and consist of little more than ‘behave yourselves till you get married, or God will give you AIDS’. A more sensible approach is outline in this article.

It’s a no-brainer that sex education should start early, and that sex should be discussed often – both in schools and at home. But instead we talk about storks, cabbage patches, and the birds and the bees. In fact, we have a million and one ways to avoid teaching or talking about sex and sexuality.

The only way to have open, honest dialogues is to give young people information early and often. Age-appropriate talks about body parts and respect should occur as early as pre-school; we can then continue to add to that knowledge regularly.

Research has documented that young people also want information early. And this information needs to be comprehensive, meaning that it should cover all sexual behaviours and types of relationships.

As I pointed out yesterday, nothing remotely gay – that’s nada, zero, zip, nil – in the fancy booklet from Tony Abbott’s mob, despite him trumpeting about ‘diversity’ in The Age today.. However, my local friendly homocons have unearthed a couple of out gay Liberal candidates. Kevin Ekendahl is once again having a crack at Michael Danby in Melbourne Ports, and Sean O’Connor is standing for Sydney. Still no word on policy, though.

The French right wing have changed tactics and are now employing irony in their battle against marriage equality. They tabled dozens of amendments to the bill, to legalise polygamy, incest etc. etc. Tres francais!

In Britain the latest salvo from Molestatori di Bambini Romani Inc warns that if the government legalises equal marriage and if any of their teachers marry someone of the same sex, they’ll sack them. The same-sex civilly-partnered will get the chop too.

That former bastion of priestly command and corruption, the Irish Republic, has truly thrown off its former Roman overlords. Latest poll indicates that 75% of Irish citizens now favour marriage equality.

The world’s best newspaper, The Guardian has quietly launched its Australian edition. Aussie visitors to the site are now being automatically redirected to the home page of the British publication’s new Australian edition. They have the best coverage of European GLBTIQ issues (even if they can be a bit precious at times).

President Obama’s ‘evolution’ continues: he wants to include same-sex couples in the reforms to immigration law.

And a last word from Hilary Clinton


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