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A confronting statistic, but time and again it comes up, and still pro-sports, especially the various brands of football, in Australia, the UK and America, don’t have any top-flight out gay players.

The Last Closet – A campaign to end homophobia in men’s professional sports has been pressing the chief executives of all the main US mens team sports to make a firm public commitment to welcome, support and protect athletes who come out – an initiative now backed by the City & Council of San Francisco.

“The home of the Giants and the 2012 World Series takes a stand today for LGBT athletes. The City and County of San Francisco, the Board of Supervisors and The Last Closet are together backing Supervisors  [equivalent to our Councillors] Christina Olague and David Campos, who will introduce a resolution with an urgent message to Bud Selig, Commissioner of Major League Baseball, as well as the other four major league commissioners, asking them to go on camera in support of their gay players coming out and also to promise attention to the safety of these players once they do come out.

Now, how do we get a similar resolution up in the Victorian Parliament and Melbourne City Council to get the AFL to move? Maybe NoToHomophobia, the VGLRL and Jason Ball could get onto this?

The waiting is almost over: the US Supreme Court will next month decide whether to hear appeals against lower court judgements deeming the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8 unconstitutional. If they decline to take the cases, DOMA and Prop 8 will cease to exist. Otherwise the cases will be heard in the northern spring of 2013.

Questions have been raised about another California law, banning so-called ‘reparative therapy’ for minors. Christopher J. Fergusonan associate professor of psychology and criminal justice at Texas A&M International University in Laredo, says the therapy is indeed useless and dangerous, but banning it does no good. He argues that there are a lot of other useless and dangerous therapies – like boot camps for unruly teens – but we don’t ban them. Instead, science eventually proves their uselessness, and they die of their own accord.

I think it wouldn’t matter how much science you threw into the argument, believers in ‘conversion’ will never abandon their attempts to warp us to fit their imaginary normality. That’s why we need a law to shut down these exercises in medieval witchcraft in Christian disguise. Here is OZ they fly under the radar, unseen and unregulated. Some sunlight, and a stake through the heart is required.

A gay man who shrugged off three mafia plots to kill him is poised to become Sicily’s first gay governor. The victorious Rosario Crocetta, 61 declared:

 ‘‘It’s the first time that a candidate for the left is elected as regional governor, it’s the first time that an anti-Mafia candidate wins. Today is more than an election result, it is a date with history.”

Congratulations to a very brave man. It just goes to show that being a practising Christian – Rosario is apparently a staunch Catholic –  doesn’t always mean you’re an evil homophobe who believes crazy things like those I wrote about yesterday. The Anglican Bishop of Leicester Tim Stevens, who spoke in the British House of Lords on ‘homosexuality in the developing world’, is more the model of what I always thought a Christian was supposed to be:

“I want, however, to concentrate on the way in which discriminatory interference in the private sexual conduct of consenting adults is an affront to the fundamental Christian values of human dignity, tolerance and equality. It is of course no secret . . that on the ethics of homosexual practice the churches in general and the Anglican communion bishops in particular are deeply divided, but that cannot and must not be any basis for equivocating on the central issue of equality before the law of all human beings whether heterosexual or homosexual. . . .  there is not and cannot be any place for homophobia in the church, and all are to be welcomed regardless of sexual orientation.”

He went on to condemn the criminalisation of homosexuality is no uncertain terms.

“If criminalisation leads, as it evidently does, to gay people concealing their own identity, that must be wrong; if criminalisation leads to many living in fear, that must be wrong; if criminalisation leads to the prospect of persecution, arrest, detention and death, that must be wrong; and if criminalisation means that LGBT people dare not turn to the state when facing hate crimes and violence, that must be wrong too.”

Good to know some of these Bishops are good for something, isn’t it?
And finally, a titivating little item about the new polyamory, or homoflexibility, or sexual fluidity or  . . . well, whatever you want to call it. It’s becoming so common and so fashionable that it’s almost taken us to the point where we won’t need to come out. Almost. Does this mean it’s OK to pash straight boys now?

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