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A somewhat premature announcement trumpeting the possibility of creating ‘designer babies’ blending the DNA of two gay dads shouldn’t have us too excited  – so far they’ve only managed it with mice of unknown sexuality. We don’t know if the technology will be scalable. There’s no guarantee any children thus produced will be healthy, and we won’t know till we try. I can see another war with religion over this.  Next step, the artificial womb.

On the other hand, it could take a lot of guesswork out of choosing the next Pope. They could just grow one.

The problems of gay parenting don’t end with the arrival of the children: remember, you now have to try to keep hold of them. This is not so easy now that the US evangelical movement thinks it’s OK to ‘rescue’ your children, smuggle them overseas, and hand them over to ‘normal’ families.

Presumably this is not what former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey had in mind when he said that gay marriage could lead to a Nazi-like state.

He was one of a raft of right-wingers warning that we are on (yes, you guessed it) a slippery slope, to a time when Christians who dare to speak out against the UK government’s equal marriage reforms could face persecution similar to the Jews under the Third Reich.  He seems to have forgotten that said persecution was facilitated by an accommodation between a Catholic Fuhrer and the decayed remains of the Holy Roman Empire aka The Vatican.

Carey is part of a push by right wing members of the Conservative Party to get their Prime Minster, David Cameron, to drop his pledge to introduce equal marriage. Unlike our own dear PM, he isn’t listening to the rats in his own ranks.

Quite how you get people like Carey & Co to think sensibly is beyond me, but we have to try. Suggestions please to

And finally, The Power Index has a handy hit list of all the religious leaders standing in the way of our full rights as Australian citizens. It includes a nifty briefing notes on people like Peter Jensen, George Pell and Jim Wallace.

For those who wonder why a relative nobody like Wallace from an extremist minority organisation like the ACL came to be so influential, the answer is that politicians are basically lazy. Former deputy prime minister John Anderson pretty well admitted it when he said:

“Politicians and decision makers want to know clearly and succinctly what the Christian view of an issue might be. The ACL provides that voice.”

This works as long as all the other religious leaders are happy to let Wallace and his twisted crew of holy warriors speak for them. That may no longer be the case since Wallace overreached and said we were sicker than smokers, and his boss went even further, saying we were Satan’s army.

Politicians would like us to have a single organisation, too. I have lost count of the number of state and federal politicians who have lamented the lack of a single gay* lobby group.

And they always want that single voice to ask for a single reform. Show them a wish list and their first demand is “pick one”.

Some gay folk complain that the push for marriage equality has stymied progress on all the other urgent reforms we need. This is not the fault of marriage campaigners: it is the fault of politicians being too lazy to tackle more than one gay issue at a time.

* for ‘gay’ please substitute GLBTIQ, LGBT or SSGD, according to taste

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