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The tip of the iceberg, by Natalie Lucier

Busy day, so a short, late post.

Queensland education is failing G.A.Y. kids because of the homophobic evangelical takeover of LNP and the government there.

Peter Tatchell, the Melbourne boy who moved to London and became the most effective gay activist in the world, says Cardinal O’Brien is only the tip of a homophobic iceberg, as he ponders outing closeted gay opponents of LGBTI equality.

The situation in Uganda just keeps getting worse, as we said yesterday on the Agenda, as a local tabloid publishes the names of gay ‘recruiters’. The last time this happened it led straight to murder. One local activist doesn’t care: despite the fear, he insists on his name being known.

“Sometimes it feels like no one’s listening, but we have to keep fighting,” Waiswa says. “People have to know that Ugandans are suffering and living in fear.”


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