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A Gandalf statue on the exhibit floor at the 2012 Comic-Con in San Diego by Gage Skidmore

A Catholic British MP has come out and told the truth about his opposition to marriage equality. He takes his orders from the Pope, he says, like a good Catholic, and not from his party or constituents or voters. When election time comes round, remember, Tony Abbott gets his orders from the same place. As does Julia Gillard, via Joe de Bruyn. We too are ruled from Rome.

We are special, we are the normals, we are better than you, so there. That’s the thesis of this amazingly intellectual yet ultimately empty argument against same-sex marriage. The jewel in the crown, so to speak, is the writers’ asserting first, that same-sex marriage is homophobic, because it defines gay relationships in heterosexual terms, and then second, that same-sex marriage redefines heterosexual marriage. Cake and eat it, much, guys?

Turkish soldiers committing a range of ‘offences’ will be discharged, including those committing ‘the homosexual offence’.

According to the law, going into extreme debt and unable to discharge the debt, moral weakness, getting involved in ideological or political activities, being married to or living together with someone lewd or having an unnatural relationship are counted as reasons for being dismissed from the Turkish Armed Forces.

I’d love to know how they define ‘someone lewd.’ Suggestions on a postcard please.

It really does get better, according to this British study.

In both countries, a “sea change” in cultural acceptance of gays and growing intolerance for bullying occurred during the study years, which partly explains the results, said study co-author Ian Rivers, a psychologist and professor of human development at Brunel University in London.

That includes a government mandate in England that schools work to prevent bullying, and changes in the United States permitting same-sex marriage in several states.

Shame that last I heard, the situation in Australian schools was getting worse, with religious extremists masquerading as chaplains, religious instructors and sex educators beavering away to make the environment even more toxic for LGBTIQ kids.

The Australian Lesbian Medical Association and the Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia have sent me this Grant Round Announcement.

The Australian Lesbian Medical Association and the galfa Board of Directors are pleased to announce our inaugural joint funding round of grants to the value of $6,000.

The aim of the grant is to improve the health and wellbeing of Australian lesbians and bisexual women through enabling small projects in education or research, which can be completed within one year. Projects must be nationally applicable.

Applicants are to submit an expression of interest using the appropriate form by Friday 8th March 2013. Those short listed will then asked to submit a full application using the appropriate form by Friday 5th April 2013.

Details and forms are on the ALMA website at and the galfa web site at

And finally, in the ‘couldn’t happen to a nicer man’ category, Serena Sir Ian McKellen has added a new title to his name. The actor was given the Doctor of Letters degree by the university’s chancellor, Dr.James Nesbitt, who appeared in the “The Hobbitt” as Bofur, alongside McKellan’s Gandalf. So, all hail Dr. Serena!

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