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Today’s best news is about a python . . . but we’ll get to that later.

The attack on the Proud Schools program by Miranda Devine and the Sydney Daily Telegraph hit a brick wall today, with NSW premier Barry O’Farrell coming to the defence of the anti-bullying effort, and education minister Adrian Piccoli insisting it will stay. Meanwhile here on The Stirrer Gregory Storer says the paper’s efforts may not be strictly homophobic but they do look a lot like hatred of LGBTI.

More overt hatred, once again from Africa, this time from Cameroon, where drinking Baileys Irish Cream can get you jailed for homosexuality. Odd how certain drinks can get you a ‘gay’ reputation: in my youth it was lager & lime. Later on, as I went more upmarket, it was gin & tonic. With all the bizarre cocktails around today, Lord knows what you have to drink now to get picked on as a poofter. Long Island iced tea, perhaps?

The next time some  Christaliban warrior tells you gays and lesbians are unnatural, you can point them to this piece. Apparently the only unnatural thing about animals having gay sex is the scientists bending over backwards not to notice it, or to pretend it is something else. Anal sex, prostitution, penis fencing, bisexuality – apparently they’re all at it, from humble worms all the way up to giraffes, which apparently enjoy lots of same-sex necking. David Attenborough must have been wearing blinkers all these years.

If you can bear to plough through it, the pros and cons of pro soccer players coming out are extensively discussed in this article. Perhaps the sole point of interest is that it seems to be women’s soccer that’s leading the way on gay acceptance. The writer, and possibly many players, apparently look to rugby player Gareth Thomas as a possible model of how to come out.

I’m not sure that would work here. I still think that the AFL Players Association with its duty of care to it’s gay members would best serve their interests long term by helping all the gay players come out en masse.  But the sport is so tightly controlled – players virtually have to get written permission in advance from Andrew Demetriou to pass wind in public – that the administration is clearly the roadblock here.

A queer Jewish band from Brooklyn is currently touring the UK and getting noticed. See what you think of them.

And last but not least: the Lost Python, Graham Chapman, who died many years ago, is about to come to life again, narrating his own allegedly untrue autobiography. Recorded shortly before he died of cancer in 1989, his words have now been turned into an animated film. Here’s the trailer.



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