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Mount Kosciuszko with rainbow, by Eduardo Mariz

Another of those self-style self-righteous ‘Christian’ groups is now campaigning against anti-bullying programs in schools, specifically, anti-homophobia efforts like those of our good mate Daniel Witthaus. As Gay Star News reports:

Family Voice Australia writes that the Proud Schools program, which started in pilot form two years ago and is soon to be rolled out across the state, is ‘indoctrinating them [children] with lies about sexuality’.

The letter describes homophobia as a ‘term of abuse used to intimidate into silence anyone who believes homosexual conduct is unnatural, unhealthy or immoral’.

‘Students who are “smoking-attracted” should not be encouraged in an unhealthy habit. Neither should same-sex attracted students be encouraged to embrace a lifestyle associated with serious health risks.’

Straight Ally Ben Cohen has suggested there’s ‘a bit of witch-hunt’ to find a gay soccer player. It’s a dangerous situation when the tabloids are panting for the story, and sport doesn’t seem to know how to handle it. There’s more here.

The coming out of players is always being thrown back on the players themselves: everything else in their lives is discussed and planned and managed for them, but this is left ‘up to you’. At least the AFL pays lip-service to the notion of accepting a gay player: US footballers don’t even get that token gesture. Fox Sports commentator Jason Whitlock thinks it time for the NFL Commissioner Goodell to free the 15% of players who are gay or bisexual from ‘the most toxic workplace in America’.

So-called ‘Amicus’ briefs are flooding into the Supreme Court, urging them to declare the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. Many are also coming in arguing for the ban on gay marriage in California to be lifted. What’s surprising is the number of major corporates signing on: here’s the list.

No surprise that Armani, Apple, Google and Facebook are all on board, but Walt Disney, drinks maker Diageo and Viagra manufacturer Pfizer were more of a surprise. The Australian Christian Lobby have a whole new lists of things to boycott.

A good story and a bad one: young gay mountain climber Cason Crane plans to climb the worlds seven highest peaks

I decided to call my quest The Rainbow Summits Project, and if I am successful, I will become the first openly gay person (and the fifth youngest person ever) to successfully climb to the top of the highest mountain on each continent.

I thought this would help me to find a silver lining in the tragic deaths of my friend, Tyler Clementi and the other LGBTQ youth who had taken their own lives — and also help save those who feel like all hope is lost.

And the bad: a Turkish army colonel has kidnapped and sequestered his gay son in order to separate him from his lover. Activists are appealing for any information as to his whereabouts, as the police don’t seem very interested, despite CCTV footage of the kidnap.

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