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It’s very dangerous to be LGBT in Uganda: pic See Ming-Lee

This message was passed to me from a friend in Canada. Given the genocidal atmosphere I’m not surprised people are desperate..

Geho Uganda operates safe houses for persecuted people in secret locations. They desperately need funding. If you can spare anything, your money would go a long way to help people escape real violence. Please help spread this link far and wide and consider a donation.   Email for more info.”

Will you see what you can do? Thanks.

As regular readers will know, I’m unconvinced of the case for PreP – taking anti-HIV drugs even if you don’t hve the virus. This guy has decided to go that route.

One of the reasons I’m wary of ANYTHING that de-emphasises continuing condom use is stories like this one: Super Bug: Is Gonorrhea Becoming The New AIDS? I think we have enough to worry about with the old AIDS without taking unnecessary risks, with bugs like these around. Best advice still remains “wrap your stump before you hump.”

Thailand is the latest country to look at giving gay relationships some recognition and respect, with hearings on a proposed Civil Unions scheme.

Supporters of the bill have pledged to collect 10,000 signatures – or the support of 20 members of the House of Representatives – in case the cabinet rejects the bill.

Hurricanes, snowstorms, mudslides, it’s all teh gays fault. Apparently it’s also our fault that the Olympics is dropping wrestling. Well those outfits are pretty revealing . . . For more on how horrid we are – NOT – try this.


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