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Great news yesterday that Wallaby David Pocock has signed up to the Athlete Ally program: check out The Rainbow Report on Joy 94.9 tonight for an interview with Athlete Ally founder Hudson Taylor. Click here to listen live online at 7pm AEDST.

Also on tonight’s show, you can catch an interview with Terence Humphreys of Twenty10, who has secured an apology of sorts from the Mayor of Paramatta. Mayor John Chedid demanded the LGBTI support organisation take down it’s signage at a recent ‘family’ festival, deeming them offensive.

Out amateur AFL player Jason Ball will be joined by all his straight teammates at the head of the Pride March Victoria on Sunday February 3 this year, but he’s knocked back the suggestion that he invite a couple of footy victims from other parts of the LGBTI rainbow to accompany him.

Ken Campagnolo is the bisexual footy trainer who was dumped by his club after he came out publicly as bi: Tess Emery is the transgendered former leader of the gay Collingwood cheer squad the Pink Magpies. I hear that there were some quite understandable concerns about diluting the message of inclusion and diversity.

Incidentally, there’s an AFL Player Welfare Summit coming up on Wednesday, with Demetriou worried by the rising drug use in the sport. Perhaps some of them are self-medicating because of the stress of living in a homophobic closet? No word if anyone is going to address that issue at the gabfest.

No so much shock, horror as, ‘how did it take this long for anyone to notice’? A US study says half of all users of mobile hookup apps don’t use a condom. How long before they wake up to the fact that half of all hookups these days are barebacking, regardless of how they met?

Respondents suggested several reasons for practising unprotected sex, including:
 “With condoms it does not feel the same” (84.6 percent);
 “Impulsive sexual behaviors” (73.8 percent).
“The survey findings show a clear disconnect between the reasons why men engage in unprotected anal intercourse and the way prevention initiatives attempt to address risk behaviors,” said Renato Barucco.

No shit Sherlock. Now let’s see something done about it!

Elsewhere abroad, it’s not generally known that gays and lesbians were strongly represented among the crowds in Tahrir Square that brought down Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. But no-one is thanking them for their efforts. Instead the coming to power of the Islamic Brotherhood means the situation is getting worse for Egyptian LGBTI, not better.

And finally, a chilling account of how US money is fuelling a potential Ugandan holocaust. Please watch the embedded video – it is chilling. As the maker says:

The American evangelical movement in Africa does valuable work in helping the poor. But as you’ll see in this Op-Doc video, some of their efforts and money feed a dangerous ideology that seeks to demonize L.G.B.T. people and intensifies religious rhetoric until it results in violence.




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