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Same-sex couples will soon walk down this aisle to be married

It’s the US equivalent of Canterbury Cathedral, the seat of the Episcopalian (Anglican) faith, and one of the biggest cathedrals in the world. And soon the Washington National Cathedral will begin holding same-sex weddings. How about that for heartfelt support from a mainstream religion?

Attorney-General Nicola Roxon has hit back of critics of her anti-discrimination proposals.

It is .. not the case that the specific prohibition against racial vilification would be extended to other types of vilification.

What should be clear is the government is not seeking to regulate the type of language used privately between friends.

It is not seeking to change vilification laws, nor will it seek to prohibit people engaging in a discussion on political, religious or other topical matters.

No democratic government ever should.

But as a society we don’t believe it is OK to make racist taunts, even if people laugh. It is not OK to bully someone with a disability because they sound different. It is not OK to humiliate a person because they are gay.

She adds that any misunderstandings or lack of clarity have been flushed out by the debate around the exposure draft, and there is plenty of time to fix them.

The Queensland government is not backing away from its criticisms of the former AIDS Council of Queensland – the Queensland Association for Healthy Communities (QAHC), Health Minister Lawrence Springborg, speaking of the rise of sexually transmitted diseases among gay men, said,

“These things do happen from time to time but the real health negligence came from Labor and so-called gay community leaders falsely claiming the campaigns were successful and therefore failing to changing track.”

Campaigns funded by Labor had cost millions of dollars yet were “a complete farce,” he said.

“It means that the so-called gay community leaders that championed these campaigns have completely sold out the people they claim to represent.”

And finally, Canada has made this brilliant anti-homophobia ad. Enjoy.


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