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The Supremes Decide

While we lick our wounds from the latest battle, over in the US the Supreme Court justices are gearing up to hear a raft of cases on marriage equality.

Most cases relate to the Defence of Marriage Act aka DOMA, which says that in federal law, the definition of marriage is a union between one man and one woman, no matter what the law is in your home state. This goes to the issue of states rights, which are zealously guarded in the US.

As so often before, and as may eventually happen here, The Supremes may have the courage to do the job that politicians are too scared to tackle. Taking care of minorities.

Christian Lobby Sulking

The ACL has been uncharacteristically quiet since ‘winning’ the gay marriage battle, perhaps because in doing so Brigadier Wallace pretty well trashed his credibility, ably assisted by Abp Peter Jensen.

A feeble bleat backing Cory Bernardi, but not a word for Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Welles, Shadow Mental Health spokesperson and every bit as Christian. There’s a petition asking Tony Abbott to dump her here.

Perhaps Cory’s Methodism was more to the Brigadier’s taste than Concetta’s Catholic fervour.

This has got Bill Muehlenberg in a perfect lather of indignation, one day howling about people wanting to marry their pets, the next castigating everyone else – including, one presumes, the currently silent ACL – for not being Christian enough.

According to Bill, you can measure how Christian you are by violence you are subjected to. Thus genuine full-on Jesus boys are never popular, indeed, the more battered, stoned, burned and crucified, the better Christians they are.

Since Bill was still walking, talking, breathing and blogging in perfect health as recently as yesterday, we must conclude he is an abject failure.

Fags & Drugs

A UK survey has discovered that blokes on the gay scene are seven times more likely to have used illegal drugs than their straight counterparts. Yet more evidence that the War On Drugs has been about as successful as Prohibition, and infinitely more damaging and expensive.  Especially for GLBTI.

And also a clear indication that, even in a country where marriage equality is only just around the corner, the vituperative atmosphere engendered by our enemies, especially those spouting ‘Christian compassion’, continues to drive despair and the desire for self-medicated oblivion.

And the rest

Going to Cancun? Apparently there are now GLBTI ‘Lifestyle Concierges’ to make sure you have a ‘fulfilling’ stay. I thought you just asked the bellhop.

Fiji may be edging back towards international respectability but they still don’t care for us.

Lady Gaga takes on an easy target: she tells the Pope he’s irrelevant. I expect her to do an L Ron Hubbard any day now, found her own religion, and open a chain of wedding chapels.


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