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Marriage (yawn) again

Are you feeling down since your elected representatives voted to confirm your second-class status? Have you, like AME head honcho Alex Greenwich, decided on a new path to superior status? Stop! Wait! It’s not over yet.

Lists of the enemy have been drawn up: since Greenwich’s charm offensive clearly failed, activists are thought to be stockpiling supplies for a series of Anita Bryant style pie-in-the-face-on-national-TV moments.

Canberra dry cleaners are rubbing their hands with glee. These are some of the candidates in the House and Senate.

For my money, Senator Conchetta Fierravanti-Wells should be first cab off the rank (and boy is she ever rank). Quite why she is still shadow mental health spokesperson, when she said much the same as the late unlamented Cory Bernardi is beyond me.


Somehow it always seems to come back to Tasmania, doesn’t it? It may be that Rodney Croome, unlike Alex, NEVER gives up. We’re about to find out if his relentless determination will pay off with a Same Sex Marriage Bill awaiting its fate in the Tassie Upper House. So far the omens are not great.

If the Upper House disappoints Relentless Rodney, stand by for fireworks. Well, a tetchy press release anyway.


Territory Labor is determined to press ahead with marriage, of enhanced civil unions, or anyway, something, but first they have an election to win, so that’s on the backburner.

And they have some opposition, of a particularly unsavoury kind.  Psychologist Philip Pocock wants laws making all sex outside marriage illegal, a ban on divorce, and the right to be as nasty to us as he pleases.

If you think that’s going too far, if you think perhaps Mr Pocock is the one who needs to be kept away from vulnerable people, you could always raise a complaint.


Interviews are finally underway to select the dozen or so GLBTI community representatives for David Davis and Mary Wooldridge’s Ministerial Advisory Committee on GLBTIQ Health. As there are 96 applicants to interview and a labyrinthine process of selection, ministerial and Cabinet approvals to plough through,  expect an announcement sometime in the new year. Or at any rate, before the next election.

Meantime Ted Baillieu has announced that in the matter of state-based marriage equality legislation, his government will exceed its usual across-the-board activity standard, and instead of doing little, late, and grudgingly, it will in this instance do nothing at all.

Stand By For Rome

The Catholic Church has issued more documents about its ongoing clergy abuse problem. Surprisingly, Cardinal Pell will not be atoning for his former behaviour by making a pilgrimage to Rome on foot, dressed in sackcloth and ashes.

Instead he reminds us that he’s only responsible for the Sydney diocese, not the whole country so that would not be appropriate.

There is no truth to the rumour that the Prime Minister, under orders from Joe de Bruyn, keeps an RAAF plane on standby, ready to rush Pell to Rome as soon as Ratzinger pops his clogs.


Sport, sport, masculine sport (AFL)

After 26,000 people signed a petition reminding the AFL that they don’t have any out players, and that coaches still yell ‘Yah mongrel poofter bunch of girls’ and the like during training sessions, backed up by a stern finger-wagging from Jeff Kennett behind closed doors, a very uncomfortable Andrew Demetriou reluctantly allowed a couple of gently pro-gay commercial to play at the AFL preliminary finals.

The petition also calls on him to create a Pride Round next year (he says he’ll ‘look at’ a Pride Match – nice try Andy, but that won’t wash), and to install a comprehensive education, training and monitoring system to stamp out homophobia in the sport, right down to local amateur club level.

Instead he’s doing the usual civil servant thing – the minimum he thinks he can get away with –  of talking about studies and plans and identifying needs and anything else that will stave off the awful day when he has to confront the fact that footy is stuffed to the gills with bigots, especially at upper administrative levels, and he’s going to have to take them on and probably throw them out.

It might be an idea to write to Carlton United, Toyota, Telstra, OPSM, CocaCola and the rest of his sponsors and ask them if they know they’re paying for gays to be bullied and driven to despair. I did, and boy were they pissed – so we know it works.

I’d start with Telstra – they know how to do diversity.

And how is rugby doing?

Rugby match by Phillippe Heckel

Sport, sport, masculine sport (USA)

The Last Closet launched last week and includes a letter-writing campaign to the heads of the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS and Major League Baseball. Check them out for some strategy tips.

 . . .and the rest

The Arab Spring throws up a Lebanese inde band with a gay front man making waves.

As we ponder Bisexuality Day, won’t someone think of the spouses?

Spicing up that long distance relationship – teledildonics – there’s an app for that.

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