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Jason Ball & his team at Pride March 2013

Jason Ball & his team at Pride March 2013

Pride March Victoria 2013: the day started wet and chilly, but by lunchtime the weather was perfect. Warm, sunny, not too hot. Interest was high, so the turnout – an estimated total of 10,000 watchers and marches. And for once the reporting wasn’t all about drag queens, leathermen, and nuns.

Instead we had Jason Ball talking footy, and pollies talking about spent convictions. Nice to be taken more or less seriously for a change.

Here’s Channel Ten:

ABC TV News Victoria is here, but for my money the best TV report was from SBS – it’s comes about 6mins into the bulletin here.

I almost jumped out of my seat when I heard Jason Ball say that the AFL needed to do more than just dip a toe in the water, they needed to become proactive rather than reactive and really own the issue. It marks the end of what up to now has been an excessively deferential attitude towards the sports governing body.

Pride March even got sensible coverage in the Herald Sun.The times they are a changing!

Victorian Liberals came off second best, meekly allowing Labor to steal their plan to wipe out past convictions for gay sex. Urged on by community stalwart Jamie Gardiner, Prahran Liberal MP Clem Newton-Brown has already been busy getting this process under way. Now up jumps Labor behaving as if it was their idea.

Health Minister David Davis, instead of saying, “Old news – we already have this in hand”, talked as if his government was backing a Labor idea. This bunch are too slow to catch a cold.

Hockey has been in the forefront of sporting acceptance, here and overseas. I very much like the ‘so what’ attitude of Tampa Bay Lighting’s Teddy Purcell: “Everybody is different. Some guys like cars; some like trucks,” he said. Personally, my taste includes both cars and trucks . . . . and SUVs and bikes and buses and trains . . .

In an interview with CBS News during the Super Bowl on Sunday, President Obama said, “My attitude is that gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does, in every institution and walk of life.”  He was talking about the Boy Scouts, but the remark clearly refers to, well, pretty much everything. If only our PM thought and acted likewise, e.g., on marriage, and religious exemptions.

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