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1,00 priests say equal marriage will usher in centuries of persecution: they can loan us their old equipment

David Marr has come out swinging, calling Nicola Roxon’s bluff and labelling the government’s proposed anti-discrimination law a bigots’ charter. The NSW government, meanwhile, is sounding more like the Campbell Newman happy-clappy mob running Queensland. claiming that anti-gay discrimination by religious groups is somehow ‘necessary.

“The Bill expands the ambit of existing Commonwealth anti-discrimination laws in ways that will significantly impact on the operation of NSW anti-discrimination laws and the nature of discrimination protections in NSW more generally. Appropriate exemptions for religious bodies, including in relation to the scope of the ‘inherent requirements’ of a job, are necessary.”

The Vatican continues to ramp up it’s worldwide war on queers, slamming an Italian court ruling approving same sex adoption. There is no ‘right’ to have children, they huffed. Unless of course you’re a Catholic priest, in which case you can have as many as you want.

Roman Kiddyfiddlers International Inc has also been busy in Europe, what with attacks on David Cameron by sundry assorted paedophile-enablers (aka bishops), a supposed ‘grass-roots’ protest by 1,000 priests claiming marriage equality would usher in ‘centuries of persecution’, and in France, whipping the pew-fodder into a froth, herding thousands onto the street to voice their prejudices.

It’s way past time the worldwide LGBTI community faced down this evil bunch.

Nearer to home, great news for the military: NZ will follow Australia’s lead and allow troops to march in Auckland Pride Parade in uniform.

And Jason Ball, still locked in negotiations for more crumbs from the AFLs groaning table, turned up as one of the judges of Dulcie’s Dog Show at Midsumma Carnival in Melbourne yesterday, announcing that his entire footy team will march with him in solidarity at the head of Pride March Melbourne this year. Onya Jase!!

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