Explaining YES

People are trying to complicate the issue of marriage equality, but it’s really simple. It’s about two people who love each other getting married. Something they are currently denied the right to do. 

That’s what we’re being asked to vote on: nothing else.

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YES: Free speech will still be protected, just like now

YES: Religions will be protected, just like now.

YES: Senator Dean Smith’s Marriage Bill contains more religious protections than ever before.

YES: Clergy still won’t have to conduct any marriages they object to, like divorced people, interfaith pairs, same sex couples – just like now.

YES: People will be able to marry the one they love: not multiple partners, and not pets, buildings, monuments or cars.

YES: Marriage has always changed, and for the better. Traditionally, women couldn’t choose their husband, and could never divorce.

YES: Kids are already being raised by same-sex parents, and they do just as well as kids raised by single parents, grandparents, adoptive parents, step parents, any loving parent.

YES: For a fair go: all Australians should be able to marry the person they love

UNSURE: Then vote YES, your life won’t change, the world will keep spinning, the sun will rise, and you will be making a difference.


Josh explains:

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