Everyone @JOY Deserves Respect

(I don’t have a printer otherwise I’d be holding something a little more profesh.)

I’m Raena and I’m a member of JOY 94.9. I’ve been on Monday mornings 9-12 and on Technogaze on Saturdays, back in the day. Lately you might’ve heard me on GEEKS OUT on Saturday afternoons. I get to do this most weekends.

I am so lucky and grateful that I still get to give my time and my expertise to such a great organisation, even after moving away from Melbourne. At 2500 km away I’m probably one of the most distant volunteers there is. (I know for sure I’m not the most distant listener. Joy is a worldwide thing!)

My ability to participate is all thanks to dedicated people who have built the community and the facilities that make it possible.

That also means I’m not in the station to be personally affected by what’s been happening at the station. But I do know that a lot of amazing members and presenters I care about are hurting right now, and they’re not being heard.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected at work, volunteers and paid staff alike. But right now that isn’t happening. And at the moment it’s station management who gets to have the biggest say. They control who and what goes to air, what’s sent to members, and what’s posted on station social media. That’s unfair.

That’s why I’m supporting an SGM, and I think you should too. It’s time for it all to get out in the open. JOY is a democratic organisation, and members deserve to see this dealt with openly and transparently, not with vague emails and social media whispers.

I’ll be signing the letter as soon as I get a chance to print it off. For now I hope you’ll accept this cheesy sign as my in-person signature.

And if you’re doing the same then I encourage you to post a pic of your letter, or a daggy sign like mine, to show your support.

Raena Jackson-Armitage