Don’t Write Discrimination Into Law

I agree with Westboro Baptist Church: same marriage laws for everyone!
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Long-time LGBTI equality advocate, Rodney Croome, today released a new book looking at what he calls “the sting in the tail” of Australia’s long struggle for marriage equality.

In “Devil in the Detail” Croome examines the new forms of discrimination against LGBTI people that are likely to be proposed as a condition for the passage of marriage equality.

“It is very likely that the final hurdle opponents of marriage equality will erect are legal loopholes allowing marrying same-sex couples to be refused services and recognition under the guise of ‘religious freedom’.”

“The sting in the tail of the marriage equality debate will be a push to convince the LGBTI community that our choice is between half a loaf and no loaf at all.”

“My new books seeks to show why that is a false choice, and to convince LGBTI Australians not to accept second best.”

The book has been released just days before the Government decides whether or not to allow a free vote on marriage equality so the reform can pass.

“Although the current focus is rightly on a free vote, we could very quickly find ourselves in a situation where the final sticking point are exemptions entrenching discrimination into the future.”

“Most people, including myself, agree ministers of religious should be free to refuse to marry same-sex couples, but we urgently need to have a fully-fledged debate about where to draw the line beyond that.”

Croome’s new book gives a historic overview of the movement to take away LGBTI human rights under the guise of “religious freedom”, gives guidance on how respond to that movement, analyses the ethics and politics of compromise and ends with an argument for more democratic decision-making in the Australian LGBTI community.

A copy of the book can be downloaded from here -> the stirrer says “This Isn’t Equality” (Dean Smith’s Bill) here ->>

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