Discredited Australian Gay Cures Vanishing


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Anthony Venn-Brown, the founder and director of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International has been monitoring ex-gay organisations activities in Australia for over thirteen years. Venn-Brown has just returned from attending the final Exodus conference in Orange County CA, He was invited by Exodus International’s president, Alan Chambers to hear the historic announcement “it’s over”.

According to Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International research released this time last year, two thirds of organisations offering help to people with “unwanted same sex attraction” in Australia and New Zealand no longer exist.

“Since that research there have been further ground breaking developments and even more organisations have shut up shop” Venn-Brown said.

Australian and New Zealand “ex-gay” organisations have been a part of the Exodus Global Alliance which is a loose affiliation of ministries outside North America who believe that homosexuality is a sin, a choice and can be changed.

“Even though the Sydney Morning Herald article stated that these groups will continue the work it failed to mention what little there is left of the crumbling Alliance” Venn-Brown commented.

“Mosaic Ministries website has been taken down after the tragic suicide of one of its participants and the only worker at Liberty Christian Ministries, Haydn Sennitt, just resigned. Last year, Haydn admitted that he had only seen less than a dozen people. Ministry One is another organisation that has gone from the Asia Pacific Global Alliance website as the founder and director, Simon Tinkler, came out as gay and been living with his male partner since 2009. I released his story and apology last week after the Exodus conference”, Venn-Brown added.

Not only did Tinkler apologise for leading others astray he said ” Above all I encourage gay people not to get married for the sake of the precious other person involved and to avoid ex-gay ministries like the plague”.

A broken mother’s story: how ‘ex-gay’ therapy destroyed a young life.

One of the few remaining members of the Global Alliance is Living Waters and the director, Ron Brookman vows to continue his work to see homosexuals change.

Venn-Brown says this ministry will also disappear as he has also released a statement from a former straight Living Waters leader, Alan Le May. In the statement and apology Le May says he was “well meaning but misguided” and added “After approximately 3 years facilitation and subsequently many more years observation of other similar programs I have seen these hopes dashed rather than fulfilled and the consequence being a range of social, emotional and psychological problems for those whom we were compelled to help”.

Ambassadors & Bridgebuilders International

About the author

Anthony was a leader in the Assemblies of God and high profile preacher in Australia’s mega-churches. For 22 years he tried to change his homosexuality through psychiatric treatment, exorcisms, and ‘ex-gay’ programs’. Although a husband and father for 16 years, eventually he had to admit that nothing had changed. In 1991 faced the toughest decision of his life. Be true to himself and lose everything he held dear; or live a lie.