Coca Cola: Sponsor Freedom & Equality in Uganda!

Coca Cola are under pressure to withdraw as one of the major sponsors of the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia. LGBTI activists around the world are demanding action from sponsors and governments, in response to viciously anti-gay Russian laws and the authorities indifference to anti-gay violence.

But there are other countries where LGBTI folk face far worse: Uganda has been teetering on the brink of passing a bill making ‘aggravated homosexuality’ a hanging offence.

Despite this, GEHO Uganda** runs safe houses for traumatised and persecuted gays and lesbians, and are always in need of funds.

“The need is still big, kindly consider a small donation today wherever small it can be, it will go a long way to help, please contact me if u need more details or click on to make a donation. Hear us crying, just know we are desperate and no way to run.”

GEHO is amazingly courageous, resourceful and positive. They have recently negotiated an agreement with the local police which has made things easier. And now they are organising a Pride Festival!

“As we look around for sponsors (who are hard to come by anyways) GEHO is accepting donations for her 28th Sept/2013 at the Source of River Nile in Jinja. This Sunday kindly consider a small donation of $5 towards our 1st ever Pride in Jinja Eastern Uganda. A full budget is available on request and you will also get a donation receipt and a personalized letter of thanks from the Executive Director –

As part of their fundraising effort, they have started a petition, “Please Coca Cola: Help Sponsor Freedom and Equality in Uganda!” Even if Coke don’t have the guts to stand up to Putin in Russia, they could make some small amends by helping fight homophobia in Uganda.

It’s easy to share the petition on Facebook – just click here – or you can email your friends. See below for a suggested text.

Coca Cola Kuchu Uganda LGBT Pridefest Support Request


I just signed the petition “Please Coca Cola: Help Sponsor Freedom and Equality in Uganda!” on

It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link:


GEHO Facebook page

** contact details for the Immigration Minister in this post are out of date: new details will be posted after the election.

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