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Live in Perth? HIV+?

City Farm Offers Plot

NSW Cops have more to answer for than Mardi Gras

NSW police ignored gay murders & bashings in the past: does their behaviour at Mardi Gras indicate they haven’t yet changed enough?

Freshly Doug Tuesday

Some aged care providers don’t want us. Which ones? Christian ones!

Freshly Doug Tuesday

San Francisco City Council pressure pro-sports to do more for gay athletes; a Bishop talks sense on criminalisation; Sicily elects gay governor; and why ban conversion therapy? Freshly Doug from the webs for you today.


Freshly Doug Monday

Catholic Church spirals further into insanity; Romney says (privately) he loves the gays, (publicly) not so much; France objects to outing dead people; and Britain celebrates Vicious Old Queens. Freshly Doug, just for you. Guaranteed organic.

Freshly Doug Wednesday

Millionaires get behind gay marriage; cheeky safe sex messages; NFL still ahead of AFL; empty election promises; and France backtracks on marriage equality. Freshly Doug just for you.

What Mackereth Said To Me

A respected community member has provided this account of a conversation with Ray Mackereth re the defunding of QAHC

by DFID - UK Department for International Development

Freshly Doug Tuesday

Nice to see a conservative prime minister – well, any party leader, really, but especially one whose grassroots membership are not fully behind him on this – taking a positive…

Statement by Miles Heffernan

I have been a contributor with Qnews spanning over 5 years. From early April 2012 Ray explained to me that HIV was on the increase in Brisbane and that QAHC…